Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Bible Study Tuesdays

WooHoo! Yet again I say, Love me some Beth Moore! Seriously, she is gifted at bringing God's word to life so that we are able to glean something different than we might have gotten on our own. She seems humble with her gift of teaching and that makes her all the more appealing to me - yet I know that at the end of the day, it is God's word, not hers. anyhoo, God is just continuing to reveal to me how blessed I am. My hardworkin' Sgt., kiddos trying their best most days:) I am so quick to see the hard work I "have to do" everyday just to keep this house running, that I so often overlook the abundance He has placed in our life. So, for an early Thanksgiving: I am grateful for the Sgt., his godliness, loyalty to our family, work ethic, sense of humor, humility, love for me and the kids, what a good friend he is, his quiet strength (I know I can count on this man), and for being an amazing handyman! My sweet children: J, so creative and sensitive, huge questions about his God and faith, growing into quite a little man himself. What a fantastic big brother too. EK, my precious girl - smart, funny, great expressions, big-helper, loves her brothers and is so inquisitive, tender too to how I'm feeling. Lil' man - wow, what a ride this first year has been, but you're sleeping through the night now and you are funny! I am just so thankful, even through the sadness of losing my mom, that God has seen fit to bless us so completely. Thank you God.
P.S. - I know what horrid grammar was just used in the above post, so don't go sendin' me comments about how I should banned from blogging or whatever. I'm just sayin'...

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