Sunday, October 26, 2008

A new day

After a ROUGH weekend last week, this weekend has proven to be much better. My sister and dad (plus niece and nephew) got home safely as did my brother-in-law, so that was a big prayer answered. My kiddos are semi-healthy (anyone who has kids knows this state of limbo between health and sickness that hovers over a house...a cough that comes back to life during the night, a snotty nose that rears it's ugly head in the morning, you know!) So, the Sgt. is home more now that the mowing season is wrapping up - HUGE for me. It is amazing how God designed us to truly NEED our partners - just spending time together is such a mood-balancer for me, sets my course for the week. Kind of like spending time with God - I am SUCH a slow learner:)
Lesson: God designed our husbands to be earthly reflections of HIS guidance, love, support, wisdom, compass.
Ok, enough for now - lil' man slept in til 7 ish, after he cried from 5:45-?, but at least he slept in! But because of church he only had 1 nap and it was only 30 minutes!!! Are you kidding me? 30 minutes all stinkin' day? And then we missed the library trick-or-treat (I missed the time by and hour:() SOOOO, they were super sweet and let the kids grab some candy and play a couple of games. Bad mommy! Oh well, so my super mom cape just fell off...another day in the life of a super (a.k.a. forgetful, sleep-deprived, not functioning on all cylinders) mom.

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