Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Time just seems to be slipping through my fingers.  I really wanted to make this journal a daily practice, but find that while I think often of writing, I always put it off, replaced by other things.
Like attending Jack's Cub Scout crossover ceremony.  I got a little teary up on stage with him and the new Boy Scout troop he would become a part of.  I think it is a pretty big deal - Boy Scouts embody so many of the qualities I hope for Jack to possess.  To be self-assured, confident, capable, handy, inventive, thrifty, and thoughtful.  His troop seems to be a group of like minded boys, all working towards these common goals.  Jack is already talking about setting goals - wow! That right there is enough for this mom:)
 This little man was attempting the Scout salute during the pledge of allegiance at the crossover ceremony.  He, as well as the little boy in the background there, want to be "Scub Scouts" when they get bigger.

This is from a hike we all took last year - fall obviously, but for the life of me I can't remember when.  We went to a trail Jeff and I hiked frequently in our dating years.  This kind of photo, taken through a hole in a tree, was a fun tradition for Jeff and I - so we decided to pass it on:)
 Oh, New Year's Eve!  What fun we had with our cousins, staying up late (11:00 central time, but midnight on the east coast!)  and eating candy and junk food! 
 Also during our time with the cousins over xmas break.  We all headed to the Crystal Bridges trails, did some hiking and then grabbed some yummy lunch at the Flying Fish.

 Jack and Ella -Kathryn have been doing karate since Jan.  They really enjoy it!  They've learned so much in such a few short months.  I'm really impressed with their dedication and desire to learn.  Belt testing is in a couple of weeks - I'm nervous for them, but whatever the outcome I'm glad they're having fun!
 Valentine's Day celebration, mommy style.  Some homemade hearts hanging from the chandelier; strawberry muffins and hot cocoa with red and white striped straws for breakfast; raspberry soda with heart shaped grilled cheese  and strawberry fruit leather for lunch.  Homemade Valentines for all:)
 Our first real snow of the season - finally enough to build a snowman!  He melted and collapsed only a few hours later:(  But they had a blast while it lasted!
 Mother/Son Scout dinner and dance.  So much fun and such a special night for us.  We got to tour Crystal Bridges Art museum first, then headed to the church for delicious dinner and even dancing.  The boys learned the box step at their troop meeting, as well as the wiggle.  We did some crazy group dances (the cupid shuffle?) and of course the bunny hop.  It really was a fun night, and Jack was so sweet - the boys all wrote their moms a special letter - of course I cried!  can't believe how big he's getting and how quickly time is passing. 
Some other things I want to remember:
*Will accepted Christ - 1/26/13!!!!!
*Jeff has three houses listed and is closing on his first house this month.
*Jack had to have 4 teeth removed!  Poor kid:(  They were impacted and had to go.
*During family devo we were talking about Ryan's time in the NICU and I said "seeing you in there broke my heart."  Ryan replied, "mommy, I'm sorry I broked your heart"
*Ryan got out of bed one night and came to our room asking me to help him blow his nose.  Afterwards, I said it was time for him to go back to bed to which he replied that he wanted to see me.  I said, well you've seen me, so back to bed.  He then told me "No I want to see you.  In your bed.  All night."  Ha!
*While working on a grammar lesson, I asked Ella-Kathryn what the punctuation marks were that indicated that someone was speaking.  She said "Italian marks"   HAHAHA!!!!!  She is so funny:)
*Jack asked his patrol leader what he needed for the upcoming camping trip.  #2 on his list was "gillotine"  I looked at him and said you have to bring something to behead someone????  He then confessed that has wasn't sure what his leader had said, something for carrying water - I said " a Nalgene water bottle?"  Jack, "Yes!"  Oh brother!
*Jack's 11 Year stats:
Height - 5 ft
weight - 77lbs
He had to get two vaccines (Dtap and bacterial meningitis) and took them in the shoulder.  Ouch!  He was sore for days!