Saturday, February 28, 2009

Our date night trip to the ER

Last night was our date night swap! WooHoo! A couple of weeks ago we watched our friend's kiddos for an overnight date and in exchange last night we got to drop our three off and go out on a hot date:) After taking over half of our house to their house - that's how it goes when you have a little one - we were on our way to dinner. We decided on Shogun, since the Sgt. hasn't been in a while. Had a blast - great food, good conversation. Then we headed over to the movies to see Taken. Got our tickets in exchange for a kidney a piece - I mean come on $17 for a movie!!! Grabbed our popcorn and drink - hey we splurged since we haven't been out in...well I can't remember but it's been a while. As we settled in for the movie, the trailers start and Jeff pulls out his cell, looks at the number and then shows me asking if I recognize the number. Yes I do, it's K, our friend with whom we left the kids. I answer, walking out of the theater, as she says to me, "Get some place you can hear me, and take the Sgt. with you." Cue heart drop to feet, and mild nausea. I get myself out of the theater and she then tells me that J has gotten a cut and most likely needs stitches. Ok now here's the good part - in my mommy-haven't been out on a date in forever brain- I say, "Are you sure, is there anything you can do there????" What in the world is wrong with me? I am not thinking, my poor child, I must rush to his side and care for him immediately. NOOOO, I think, I just paid an arm and a leg for this movie, find the kid some super glue and I'll call you back in 90 minutes. Good Gravy! Did you hear that clatter, another jewel just fell out of my crown. by the time I make it to heaven I might as well be wearing a Burger King cardboard, adjust the fit, crown. I tell her I'll call her back, go get the Sgt and as we're walking out, tell him what's happened. Now, let me say, Malco is awesome. When we got to the door, I approached the manager, filled him in and without hesitation said we could get our money back no problem. Thank you very much!!! That will pay for the tissue I used in the ER. WE did attempt to get into the after-hours clinic, but to no avail, so after K met us in town with J we went on over to the ER. Praise God it was not crowded. the Sgt said for a Fri night is was amazing that there were so few people. The staff was great and we were seen within an hour. I think our total time was about 2 hours. Unbelievable! So, the story goes, after dinner the boys were out back playing, being boys and sticks were involved. Unfortunately, one of said sticks met with J's cheek and left a gash. He was stoic and brave and just plain great. He did say that right after it happened he did cry because there was blood dripping down his face - YUCKO! But K said he really was very calm and was so concerned about someone getting in trouble! Sweet boy. His friends were worried about him too, and overall it was just dear to see them be so compassionate with one another. growing Christ-like hearts!
This morning the cut already looks far better than it did. Little one's really do heal quickly. the house is eerily quiet with only one child here - I feel a bit guilty for relishing it:) the Sgt. says he misses the noise - I recorded him saying that and plan on playing it back any time he starts to lose his mind over how loud/obnoxious/annoying/etc. the kids are getting!
Off to shower and then pick up the rest of the clan! Happy Saturday:) PS - sorry about the order of pics. I tried to put the pre-stitches shot first. I'm still figuring all this stuff out!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Callin' all prayer warriors!!!!

First things first - look at that lil' man! How cute is he??? this is HIS chair (was actually a christmas present from the Sgt' parents to EK several xmas' ago) and that is where he likes to sit to watch Praise Baby, the only dvd he'll actually sit to watch. I realize that he is a bit young to be concerned about him sitting down to watch a movie, but I really need to have some caffeine and read the paper before my day can start, soooo hence the chair. In the first pic he's actually saying "cheese" to me! He's just getting so big it's precious to see him climb up in his chair with his "ilk" (milk) and wiggle to the beat of the praise music - he loves to shake his groove thang:)
Ok now the serious business, most of you know the struggle J has been having in school - listening, paying attention, reading. Overall he seems to be doing ok, but I learned tonight that the "levels" that they keep referring to in his reading program really indicates that he is reading below a 1st grade level. THank you K( friend who is a teacher - everyone should have one of these!) for telling me something J's teacher, reading specialist etc. should have told us months ago! I am a bit peeved that this didn't seem important enough to share. Anway, J has been complaining about school for months now, saying he wants to be homeschooled and that he just doesn't like school. Well I have to take that with a grain of salt b/c the boy is homebody and loves to just play (what 7 year old doesn't right?). But, like my dear friend reminded me today, when your child is this consistent with their comments, maybe there's something there? Not sure yet, but worth praying about. Also, his teacher is maxed out - I think she now has over 25 kids in her class. So, and I know that I am walking a fine line between being my child's advocate and be objective about who he is a student, how on earth can she really teach to J if he does have some sort of learning style issue that cannot be addressed unless it's one-on-one? UGH! I am trying not to get ahead of myself, but cannot help but feel some sense of panic that I may be homeschooling this child as we prepare to bring baby 4 into the world. I know- that I know- that I know- that God will give me what I need to make this happen if it's what is needed for J to be a successful student -but still...So, we need prayer. first that our meeting (as yet to be scheduled, I've just emailed her) with J's teacher would be productive and positive, even if we have to hear some hard truths. Second, the the Sgt and I would be J's strongest advocates, such that all resources available to him would be made ready. Third, that if, and it's a big if, homeschool is where we land, that we would not only be able to do this financially, emotionally, and physically, but that no other member of the family would be slighted in the process. I know that God meant for us to have these 4 children and while at times it seems daunting, it is also extremely humbling to think that God trusts us with 4 precious gifts. thank you Lord! Kids are such an emotional investment, whether their yours by birth or circumstance, that the tears I have shed over each one of mine only serve to remind me of how our Savior must have felt in that moment when God had to turn away so that His plan could be fulfilled. Imagine not saving your own child, and yet in that moment, saving all of us. AMAZING! Whew - thank you in advance for your prayers!

Saturday, February 21, 2009


Yes the title looks funny, but then again so do I! The title refers to both my physical state (mildly poochy in the middle) and the emotional/sprititual one. As I have posted, our chruch friends are going through a major trial right now, as the husband began his first round of chemo yesterday. Amazingly, W (the wife) took the time to post about how God is growing her, in her affection for her husband (an issue for them in the past). Wow! Her honesty and transparency really moved me - I have so often found in the "christian" community that women are less than willing to show their flaws. Everyone has a great marriage, maybe they struggle a bit to deal with children issues, but their finances are great and their homes are well-decorated. Only recently (3-5 years) have I finally been allowed to see real godly women - scarred, battered, beaten down by life, but grace-fully given another chance, a second wind, a changed outlook, a renewed spirit, a refreshed marriage. tHank you God - i am not the only one:) There are other women out their who have crap in their lives - praise Jesus! I am not a failure when my kids eat mac-n-cheese ( the non-organic kind) for dinner two nights in a row. It is reassuring to know that other moms reach the end of their ropes too - and even more so that God meets as there, at the thread-bare, frayed end, and works in us to give us the strength to go beyond ourselves. So, as today was a HARD day with Will - super-clingy and whiny-and the Sgt. says to me,"can you imagine this plus the baby?", I thought thanks for that uplifting thought, and yes I can imagine it, but only because I know God will be there, holding me up in each moment. Thank you God for being ALL that i need -it is when I look elsewhere, beyond Him that I get into trouble. So I pray tonight that I will be satisfied that He is now and forever more all that I need -He is enough. Period.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

random before bed post

Got some news about our church friends - stage 4, but responds very well to treatment. They will start tomorrow, so we will pray that B. can stay strong and kick this thing in the pants!
On a sillier note, EK mentioned that she has a boyfriend. I asked her what his name was and she told me she couldn't remember. tHen I asked her where she met him. She thought for a moment and said, "I don't where I found him. I lost him."
OKAY???? Little ones are too funny. At the end of our playdate today, M and I were saying how well the girls had done, no bickering etc, to which her daughter said, "Yes, that went well." I wonder where she heard that?
Sleep well. I have been missin' my momma somethin' fierce the past couple of days. No reason in particular, but then again, is there ever a reason for grief to sneak up on you? Ok, love and all that good stuff, I'm off to watch season6 of 24 - woohoo!!

Just a lazy Thursday...

As we wait in prayer to hear some news from our church friends (see last post) I am trying to spend time with family and friends. After a manic morning - I get in these cleaning frenzies where everyone around me is in danger of being put up in a basket or bin, or accidentally sucked up in the vacuum-and then the termite guys comes and sends me into a housewife depressions. After checking the interior of the house, I ask him if everything looks ok. He says yes, but there are alot of spider webs!!!!! WHAT IN THE WORLD??? Why not just come out and say it...I am a terrible housekeeper -I mean that's so obviously what was on his mind. He just has one of those passive-aggressive personalities that so clearly is a result of a horrific encounter with a female figure in his life. I have watched more than my fair share of on-air shrinks to know that kind of problem when I see one. Anyway - I mean is he for real. Does he not know that I barely have time to brush my own teeth, let alone make sure every nook and cranny of my home is clear of cobwebs???? Geez Louise. and this is certainly not me being hormonal and over-sensitive...heck no! MEN! And of course I am still in my pajamas at this point in the morning (8:30), cause any mom knows that you never get dressed until you have to when it's not your turn to carpool to school. And besides, he wasn't supposed to be here until 9:30!!!! That's an hour difference. Good gravy - let's just say I was very glad to have him gone. Then I got to go over to my sweet friends house where we actually sat and talked for several hours and ate some super yummy pasta salad and garlic bread. The girls got along great and lil' man did pretty good too. All in all a much better way to spend my time than being chastised by the termite man:)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

We just recieved news that a husband of one of my bible study friends was diagnosed with cancer - diffuse large B cell lymphoma to be exact. Oh how my heart feels heavy right now. Ever since mom i have really come to hate the "c" word - I mean seriously, I hate that word. Of course I am praying for an amazing recovery - quick treatment, not too rough chemo etc. He is a strong, young father of 2 sweet boys and the couple is such an asset to our church and community. It just reminded me of that day I got THE phone call from my dad - come to Fl as soon as possible - everything changes in one phone call. I hate the phone too. I know, I'm being dramatic, shocker. God just keeps bringing me to this place where I have to say, yes it's out of my hands, and yes I'm ok with that. 'Cause really, I suck at that. I am not a particularly pro-active/problem solver type but I just want things right with the world. God is working on my need to be in control and trust in Him and know that i know that i know that His plan is what is best for my life, even if I just don't get it. Which I often don't - because i'm denser than a brick - it's my cross to bear.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Haircuts and bruises - take 2

Just a quick add on. EK's haircut - a LONG time coming!!!She finally saw her parent's wisdom in getting a haircut, or "taking" one as she likes to put it, to put an end to the torture of brushing out her hair every day. Then there's poor W - Lil'man and his busted nose...again. Several months back he fell in the driveway and took off the skin from the tip of his nose - yes just in time for Xmas pics. Our little Rudolph;) Then last week he tripped over his own feet - has his mother's grace obviously - got a bloody nose and the next day woke up with some horrible bruising. These pics dont' do it justice - it's much improved now. But here he is, supposedly being watched by his big brother outside so I can cook dinner, and yet curiously climbing up the stairs with, shocker, no big brother to be seen! Oh well - he was so proud of himself though and said "cheese" for me when I went to take his pic - too cute!

Happy Valentines!

A big shout out to Cupid! Seriously, Happy Valentines to all 4 of you who ever check this blog:) Hope you got lots of love today - everyday really, but today especially. Please pray for my sweet sister as she struggles with the pain of I don't have an elderly sister, she's acutally younger than me, but somehow managed to come down with a horrendous case of shingles. Poor thing - she's really hurting. And her dear friend from KY is in town, of course, just when she's down and out! SHe really pushed through the pain to be able to spend time with C. but finally had to break down and take the pain meds this morning. Me, I would have been on a one way trip to FunnyTown with a full bottle of pain pills and been as loopy as a rollercoaster, but not K. She didn't want to be a party pooper so she held out as long as possible. What a trooper!!! Hope your feel better sis. As for me, I took a 2 hour nap today, woohoo, and am heading off to bed again right now - yes it is 8:15 - this baby is literally sucking every ounce of life out of my body:) Love you all!!!

Monday, February 2, 2009

So now that we're on the superfast internet highway, I decided to upload some pics of the past year. Blame in nostalgia, hormones no particular order too. Will is bundled up ready for a day in the snow/ice during our most recent storm that had us out of school for a week! He is completely mismatched, but cozy and had a blast with daddy, J and EK - even some of our neighbor kids came over to play. The whole in the attic floor is from my traumatic fall from grace, err, I mean the attic into the garage. On that same day, during our visit to the dr. to make sure I hadn't broken anything, we found out I was pregnant! What a day. Then there's the pic from Thanksgiving at the in-laws - all of the cousins. A great night, great food, fun time with family. There's mommy and EK on the horse -her dream come true, a horseback ride. We had a gorgeous day and go to ride for a whole hour. My rump was achin' but she still talks about it and wants to go back asap:) Lastly, our xmas pic for the year. Taken at 6:45 AM on a school day. We had put it off as long as possible and I finally said that's it - we're doing this right now!!! Turned out great too:)