Monday, February 2, 2009

So now that we're on the superfast internet highway, I decided to upload some pics of the past year. Blame in nostalgia, hormones no particular order too. Will is bundled up ready for a day in the snow/ice during our most recent storm that had us out of school for a week! He is completely mismatched, but cozy and had a blast with daddy, J and EK - even some of our neighbor kids came over to play. The whole in the attic floor is from my traumatic fall from grace, err, I mean the attic into the garage. On that same day, during our visit to the dr. to make sure I hadn't broken anything, we found out I was pregnant! What a day. Then there's the pic from Thanksgiving at the in-laws - all of the cousins. A great night, great food, fun time with family. There's mommy and EK on the horse -her dream come true, a horseback ride. We had a gorgeous day and go to ride for a whole hour. My rump was achin' but she still talks about it and wants to go back asap:) Lastly, our xmas pic for the year. Taken at 6:45 AM on a school day. We had put it off as long as possible and I finally said that's it - we're doing this right now!!! Turned out great too:)

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