Saturday, February 28, 2009

Our date night trip to the ER

Last night was our date night swap! WooHoo! A couple of weeks ago we watched our friend's kiddos for an overnight date and in exchange last night we got to drop our three off and go out on a hot date:) After taking over half of our house to their house - that's how it goes when you have a little one - we were on our way to dinner. We decided on Shogun, since the Sgt. hasn't been in a while. Had a blast - great food, good conversation. Then we headed over to the movies to see Taken. Got our tickets in exchange for a kidney a piece - I mean come on $17 for a movie!!! Grabbed our popcorn and drink - hey we splurged since we haven't been out in...well I can't remember but it's been a while. As we settled in for the movie, the trailers start and Jeff pulls out his cell, looks at the number and then shows me asking if I recognize the number. Yes I do, it's K, our friend with whom we left the kids. I answer, walking out of the theater, as she says to me, "Get some place you can hear me, and take the Sgt. with you." Cue heart drop to feet, and mild nausea. I get myself out of the theater and she then tells me that J has gotten a cut and most likely needs stitches. Ok now here's the good part - in my mommy-haven't been out on a date in forever brain- I say, "Are you sure, is there anything you can do there????" What in the world is wrong with me? I am not thinking, my poor child, I must rush to his side and care for him immediately. NOOOO, I think, I just paid an arm and a leg for this movie, find the kid some super glue and I'll call you back in 90 minutes. Good Gravy! Did you hear that clatter, another jewel just fell out of my crown. by the time I make it to heaven I might as well be wearing a Burger King cardboard, adjust the fit, crown. I tell her I'll call her back, go get the Sgt and as we're walking out, tell him what's happened. Now, let me say, Malco is awesome. When we got to the door, I approached the manager, filled him in and without hesitation said we could get our money back no problem. Thank you very much!!! That will pay for the tissue I used in the ER. WE did attempt to get into the after-hours clinic, but to no avail, so after K met us in town with J we went on over to the ER. Praise God it was not crowded. the Sgt said for a Fri night is was amazing that there were so few people. The staff was great and we were seen within an hour. I think our total time was about 2 hours. Unbelievable! So, the story goes, after dinner the boys were out back playing, being boys and sticks were involved. Unfortunately, one of said sticks met with J's cheek and left a gash. He was stoic and brave and just plain great. He did say that right after it happened he did cry because there was blood dripping down his face - YUCKO! But K said he really was very calm and was so concerned about someone getting in trouble! Sweet boy. His friends were worried about him too, and overall it was just dear to see them be so compassionate with one another. growing Christ-like hearts!
This morning the cut already looks far better than it did. Little one's really do heal quickly. the house is eerily quiet with only one child here - I feel a bit guilty for relishing it:) the Sgt. says he misses the noise - I recorded him saying that and plan on playing it back any time he starts to lose his mind over how loud/obnoxious/annoying/etc. the kids are getting!
Off to shower and then pick up the rest of the clan! Happy Saturday:) PS - sorry about the order of pics. I tried to put the pre-stitches shot first. I'm still figuring all this stuff out!

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