Saturday, February 14, 2009

Haircuts and bruises - take 2

Just a quick add on. EK's haircut - a LONG time coming!!!She finally saw her parent's wisdom in getting a haircut, or "taking" one as she likes to put it, to put an end to the torture of brushing out her hair every day. Then there's poor W - Lil'man and his busted nose...again. Several months back he fell in the driveway and took off the skin from the tip of his nose - yes just in time for Xmas pics. Our little Rudolph;) Then last week he tripped over his own feet - has his mother's grace obviously - got a bloody nose and the next day woke up with some horrible bruising. These pics dont' do it justice - it's much improved now. But here he is, supposedly being watched by his big brother outside so I can cook dinner, and yet curiously climbing up the stairs with, shocker, no big brother to be seen! Oh well - he was so proud of himself though and said "cheese" for me when I went to take his pic - too cute!

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