Thursday, February 19, 2009

Just a lazy Thursday...

As we wait in prayer to hear some news from our church friends (see last post) I am trying to spend time with family and friends. After a manic morning - I get in these cleaning frenzies where everyone around me is in danger of being put up in a basket or bin, or accidentally sucked up in the vacuum-and then the termite guys comes and sends me into a housewife depressions. After checking the interior of the house, I ask him if everything looks ok. He says yes, but there are alot of spider webs!!!!! WHAT IN THE WORLD??? Why not just come out and say it...I am a terrible housekeeper -I mean that's so obviously what was on his mind. He just has one of those passive-aggressive personalities that so clearly is a result of a horrific encounter with a female figure in his life. I have watched more than my fair share of on-air shrinks to know that kind of problem when I see one. Anyway - I mean is he for real. Does he not know that I barely have time to brush my own teeth, let alone make sure every nook and cranny of my home is clear of cobwebs???? Geez Louise. and this is certainly not me being hormonal and over-sensitive...heck no! MEN! And of course I am still in my pajamas at this point in the morning (8:30), cause any mom knows that you never get dressed until you have to when it's not your turn to carpool to school. And besides, he wasn't supposed to be here until 9:30!!!! That's an hour difference. Good gravy - let's just say I was very glad to have him gone. Then I got to go over to my sweet friends house where we actually sat and talked for several hours and ate some super yummy pasta salad and garlic bread. The girls got along great and lil' man did pretty good too. All in all a much better way to spend my time than being chastised by the termite man:)

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