Saturday, June 30, 2012


Just a few things I wanted to get down before I forget!  Jeff's back has been out now for 5 days.  After the initial "injury" monday night, he hasn't walked since.  The week has been challenging.  Since we helped out a friend last week, caring for her daughter here in our home, we didn't do much school.  Then, thinking that we could catch up and finish before the FL trip, we started full steam ahead on Mon. only to have the week brought to a screeching halt with Jeff's back.  It is difficult to see him in so much pain and so frustrated to have no improvement in the week.  But, we have kept our sense of humor, laughing many times over the course of these long bed-ridden days.  Our 13th anniversary found us chuckling as the poor man peed in my mop bucket because he simply couldn't get to the bathroom.  He turned to me asI stood waiting to empty the pot, and said "Happy Anniversary!"  Ha - a moment we will never forget:)  Or when Chewie excitedly chases after him as Jeff crawls around the house.  The sweet dog thinks, yes this is it, he finally wants to play with me!  Alas, no you dumb dog, he's getting around the only way he can right now.  So the school week has been rather hamstrung but we'll get back on track after FL.  That trip too is up in the air - we were due to leave this coming weekend, but if Jeff still can't walk, then I guess we shouldn't abandon him here;)
So I did want to write these funnies down too, since I'm so tired I will probably forget them by morning...

*Will told me that he could balance "on  my two legs!"
*Jack ran in and excitedly announced that he is getting his "Johnny apple"!!!  That is his Adam's apple for those who are challenged by his amazing knowledge of human anatomy:)
*There was a point in the past week when I was trying to help Jeff get back in bed after getting him showered, when Will came running in needing a bandaid after having fallen off his bike, and at the same time, Ryan announced that he had peed his pants!  Good grief!  I got Jeff back in the bed, delivered the band aid to Will, and then set Ryan in the shower, walked his dirty clothes to the laundry room, and then proceeded to get him cleaned up.  Of course, I forgot about the dirty clothes for a couple of days - gross! Thank goodness for strong detergent and modern washing machines:)

Ugh - there's more to get down in print, but in just writing this out, I've already forgotten.  I'll try to fish it out of my soupy brain:(

Friday, June 1, 2012


We had a s wonderful respite from the warm weather today  - only 66 here in NWA.  We've had some great thunderstorms and much needed rain during the nights, and then beautiful blue sky days, but a bit warm.  So this was a treat for me - a hot cup of tea and a yummy cookie with a book this afternoon - happy mamma:)
I did want to get some pics off my phone and onto the blog before something terrible happens, like I drop my phone again, or something like that!

Ella-Kathryn was chosen to post the AWANA flag on our final night of AWANA.  Will was chosen to hold the bible earlier in the year, but that was when my phone was broken, so sadly, no pictures.
 Jeff and I took the kids on a quick fishing trip a few weeks ago.  Ryan was super-excited!  Just sitting in his chair and holding his rod was a thrill for this sweet boy!
 Ella-Kathryn, our sporty spice!  She is such a great mix of girly-girl and tomboy.  Hope she never loses any of those fun qualities.
 Jack managed to snag a few of these little fish.  I seem to be blind to how big he's getting until I sit down and look at pictures of him these days.  Wow!  We are cruising into the preteen years here soon!
 Jack and Ella-Kathryn took 1st and 2nd place, respectively, at the AWANA Grand Prix races this year!
                                                                   Goofy little boys:)
 Will finally participated in the AWANA club this year!  Yay for Will:)  The night of the awards ceremony  he received a certificate and a fun little cup filled with goodies.  The funniest part was he was came out first on the stage followed by the other kids in his club.  As he was standing there he begins hamming it up - making the goofiest faces and weird poses!  What in the world??  Where did that come from?  Is this the same boy who could not stand to be left at his club at the beginning of the year?  He also managed to muster up the gumption to join choir for the last 2 months of the year:)  He even got up on stage and sang in the final  choir recital.
 This girl!  She has truly been gifted with the ability to memorize scripture!  She completed 2 AWANA books this year and despite that snarky face in the pic below, really enjoys hiding God's word in her heart:)
 Ok this was too funny not to put down for posterity.  Jack ran to the grocery store with me one night after dinner.  When we came out he spotted this car (Ford Escort Wagon maybe?) and announced that THAT was THE car he wanted when he turned 16!  Ha!!!  I busted out laughing and even after multiple attempts to explain why I thought this was so funny, he still didn't understand.  Oh well, I assured him his father and I would definitely be willing to buy that car for him:)
 We finally got an American flag for the porch - I've been wanting one for years and honestly don't know why it took us so long.  Here are the leaders of the flag-hanging parade:)
Well, that's it I suppose.  We are enjoying our new curriculum, but Jack is still struggling with his attitude and math.  Certainly not bad by most standards, but still, it tends to wear on you when you're the one bearing the brunt of it day after day. He is a great kid, really, but I just pray that he will learn to be content and to have self-control over his attitude and speech.  And yes, I am fully aware of the giant plank in my own eye, thank you very much:)