Monday, March 7, 2016

Happening Lately

Happening Lately...
Since Jack returned to public school a year and half ago, I noticed that how we do school at home was not the same.  As a student, he required much time, attention, and structure in his day.  The three who are home now do not.  We still have a rhythm to our days and we have a plan for each day, but I'm finding that we have drifted away from the strict classical model and are moving toward Charlotte Mason's idea of education.  
We enjoy reading, being read to, and discussing what we've encountered in books.  I'm trying to weave more of this into our day, still acknowledging that my personality requires a plan!  I love a good plan, and have to work hard with Christ's help, to work the plan, otherwise I just have a good plan:)
He is good to help me, reminding me that this is my vocation, and with grace it is important work that cannot be sloughed off.  I am grateful to have Him in my corner, refining me and guiding our days.  
And that's really the most important lesson I've learned in these 6 years of home schooling - I must bring my days before Him, asking for His wisdom and His will to be done.  I fail, often.  But I do see the fruit of His life in mine!  And that is what spurs me on!  Hopefully the children see this too - an imperfect person being sanctified by God as a result of His love and grace.