Thursday, September 30, 2010


The air has been off for days now - what a relief!  I thought Jeff might go AWOL with the horrid temps we've had this summer (he loathes the heat.)  So, it's cool at night and even pretty cool during the day.  Tonight we've planned a trip to the corn maze - something the kids look forward to every fall.  We're going to try a new one this year since our fave is about 35 min. away and this one is a bit closer and more importantly less expensive:)
Homeschool is plugging along.  don't really have much to say about it all right now...
For your comic relief, I present Jack Simpson.  Jeff and I have always explained that movies that were rated PG or R are for adults.  Only a few days ago did I realize that he has been thinking of this way.  As in the conversation with our neighbor the other day: "Ms. Meadows.  Do you watch adult movies?  My mom and dad do."  Oh. My. Gravy!!!!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My history forgot me!

What I mean by that is that it's been SO long since my last post that I had to type in the whole name of our blog to pull it up!  Usually I just start typing http://www.6/.... and the rest come up.  Oh my, my! 
So what wondrous adventures have we surely been on that have been taking up all of our time?  Nada.  Zip.  Life my friends.  Life at 6,000 mph, give or take a couple of mph:) 
Our elderly neighbors have split up, left town separately, and in a hasty barter made by none other than yours truly, we got a new-to-us fridge in exchange for a deep home cleaning to get their house "show" ready.  The cleaning really wasn't that bad, but in one ginormous moment of bad mommy judgement, I decided that it would be fine to take all 4 kids over to the vacant house, so that I could get a start on the cleaning.  All was fine until Ryan swallowed something.  We'll never know what, but after his choking and gagging for 30 minutes we ended up on our way to the ER.  In the car he vomited again, so I made a split-second decision and pulled into the Bella Vista EMT/Firehouse.  The EMT's were great and they said he seemed fine, but Jeff, who had been in class in Fayetteville and was running lights and sirens up to us, thought an x-ray was in order, just to be sure that there was nothing blocking his bowels or anything.  So, we headed to Mercy where he was x-rayed!  All was well and while in the ER room, Jack then says, "well, I did see him with some hair on the side of his mouth."  Oh my gracious!!!!  Now he tells us!  To his credit, I had only ever asked him if he saw Ryan actually eat something:) 
I managed to get the house clean on Thurs. and Fri.  and am glad to have that behind us. We will miss our neighbors and it has proven to be a really good starting point for some discussions about marriage, God's covenant intentions for marriage, and dealing with our kids fears and concerns about their mom and dad. 
Jeff is off camping for a couple of days, so I took the kids to AWANA tonight solo.  Went great and then on the way home they all went berserko!!!  I mean just nuts!  They were amped up and hungry and it took forever for them to fall asleep.  Crossing my fingers that they sleep in a bit.  Ella-Kathryn even lost one of her bottom teeth in the madness:)  It was loose -she didn't lose it amid infighting or anything!  And, Ryan took an hour nap in the nursery, hence the 10:00 post.  Oh well - ce la vie:)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Birthday Fun

Poppy came to town for Will's 3rd birthday party.  We had a blast and managed to fill every moment of every day:)  Party shopping, LPGA, George Washington Carver's birth place - you name it, we did it!  And here's the proof...
Today is Will's actual birthday, and this morning as I was telling him his birth story, I was truly amazed.  God has been so good to us, amid the pain of loss and sadness, there has been so much good.  So many blessings.  And today we celebrate just one of those!
Happy Birthday Will:)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

It finally rained here !!!! HURRAY!!! Not that it's going to do a thing to help our poor "grass" (in quotation marks because our lawn is really clover and weeds now) or my now dead boxwood:(  RIP boxwood - let's see if Lowes will exchange your sad carcass for a fresh new shrub:)
I am in the middle of Oliver De Mille's A Thomas Jefferson Education: Teaching a Generation of Leaders for the 21st Century.  Fascinating stuff - and ridiculously motivating, for homeschoolers and public/private schoolers alike.  He posits that the classics/mentor model of "education" is really the path to raising up folks who will know how to think as opposed to what/when to think.  I'm not yet finished so if there's more to add I'll do so in another post; suffice it to say, I am yet again praying and thinking over how to improve what we're doing here at home.  There are truly not enough hours in the day!

All of the kids (well not Ryan) pitch in during meal prep. Here's a perfect example of how we roll in our house!  Stripped down to our skivvies to peel a carrot:)  This was actually his first time peeling a veggie - he did a great job and his big bro was very complimentary at the dinner table.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, being in such close proximity with the kiddos all day has certainly brought to the surface some sin issues.  The children's ministry at our church has been studying the fruits of the spirit.  Great teaching for the kids, catchy songs, and a fantastic segue to our home learning, especially since we're around one another so much now!  So, I took each "fruit" put it on an index card and then added a magnet to the back, posted them on the fridge in easy reach, and we've been making a point of reminding one another of our fruitful or fruitless spirits!  We did this a while back with verses pertaining to behavior and I know my friend H has been doing it with the fruits too.  Anyway, I noticed last night that 'goodness' has corner missing. 

Turns out Ryan took a bite out of this one last night!  Really that about sums up our attitude lately - while we persevere in our desire to learn about our God, sometimes in a family unit, someone just takes a chunk out of our fruit!  Thank heavens that He is big enough to mend that hurt or soften our hearts from the anger that caused us to lash out and take the bite in the first place.  We forgive one another, pray for peace and a mended relationship and move on.  We have learned that more often than not we will sin again, but in those precious moments when we find victory over that sin and we have chosen His way and the fruit is demonstrated - boy howdy, doesn't that call for a celebration!  Mommy does a happy dance for self-control and peacefulness (a big victory in this house!) and while my kids may not want me following them around for the rest of their lives doing a victory dance over every little sin that's overcome, they know that their Lord does just that!  Hope he's a better dancer than mommy:)