Thursday, September 30, 2010


The air has been off for days now - what a relief!  I thought Jeff might go AWOL with the horrid temps we've had this summer (he loathes the heat.)  So, it's cool at night and even pretty cool during the day.  Tonight we've planned a trip to the corn maze - something the kids look forward to every fall.  We're going to try a new one this year since our fave is about 35 min. away and this one is a bit closer and more importantly less expensive:)
Homeschool is plugging along.  don't really have much to say about it all right now...
For your comic relief, I present Jack Simpson.  Jeff and I have always explained that movies that were rated PG or R are for adults.  Only a few days ago did I realize that he has been thinking of this way.  As in the conversation with our neighbor the other day: "Ms. Meadows.  Do you watch adult movies?  My mom and dad do."  Oh. My. Gravy!!!!!

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