Friday, October 1, 2010

Corn Maze

We hit the Razorback Corn Maze last night and had a blast.  First up was the cow train, which mommy had to ride as well, since it's pretty bumpy and the man in charge was concerned about Will bouncing right out!  It was hysterical - me squeezing into the kid-sized "cow" car.  My knees and lower back are sore this morning from the constant bumps.  But, seeing little Will's smiling face and hearing him say, "this is fun mom!"  made it well worth it.  Jack and Ella-Kathryn got the 2 front seats, the bumpiest, and it was a hoot watching them rock back and forth like bobble heads along the trail.
Next was the corn cannon - jack and ek did this with some help from dad.  Not worth the couple of bucks, in my humble opinion.
Then on to the maze.  The kids headed off with their flashlights and I was in charge of the map. Big mistake.  I am the navigator who has to turn the map to which ever direction we're headed:)  I am famous for giving directions based on trees and pretty bushes in front of "that amazingly restored 50's bungalow with the gorgeous crepe myrtle!"  Not helpful when the only shrubbery around is corn!  Can you see me in the army - "um, I think we need to go 4, no maybe 5 clicker-ma-bobbers in thataway direction?"  Needless to say, we got a tad bit turned around:)  Thank goodness for Jeff.  We were sorted out in no time and celebrated our success with a romp on the hay bales.  We can now check this off our fun fall list.  Tomorrow is building of the scarecrow and hopefully I can hold off on buying the pumpkins for another week. I hate when we get them too early and then they rot.
On a more serious note, I had to, amid tears, confess a sin issue to my husband.  Gulp. Confession to another person is not my strong suit.  To God, no problem.  But the face to face always gives me a pit in my stomach.  It had to be done.  As we talk about the future, a possible move, job changes etc.  I fall prey to my greatest weakness: lack of trust.  This is less often a lack of trusting God, and more often a lack of trusting my husband.  More significantly, it's about not feeling that sense of control that I think I have!  I feel better after confessing, but know that the road ahead is filled with prayer and some time in His word, fending off this area of weakness and quite frankly the most intense area of attack from satan.  Whew, ok so what a way to start the day!  Really it is though, as I know that I am given a clean slate to begin again and I know that I can be changed thanks to Him!

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Momma C said...

Remember all moves (other than those closer to me) must be approved first! Just wanted to make sure you got that memo!