Monday, October 18, 2010

Getting there

At his 12 month checkup we told our Dr. that this little man was not really talking, crawling, walking, standing, pulling up, just scooting on his bottom while holding his right foot.  Fast forward a few days after that appt. and he was babbling up a storm, being intentional in his signs and words, and continued scooting like a crazy little speedster.  Then a few weeks after that he started crawling.  Then a few weeks after that he started pulling up.  Now he's pushing chairs and "walking" with them and is "cruising."  While I still have some concerns about the balance (he's got none and cannot stand alone yet) I am thrilled to see him meet all of those other milestones - and here's the thing.  It was on his time table, and my dear husband was never worried!  That man:)  Thank goodness the good Lord saw fit to put us together, cause I know I do enough fretting and fussing for the both of us.  So, Ryan will have his 15 month checkup here in a few weeks - yes I did say 15 months!!!!!- and according to Jeff he will be a walking fool by then.  I'm not so sure about that, given his complete lack of balance still, but of course you would expect me to say that, wouldn't you?

On a completely different and yet somehow mildly related note (that being that I own all of the crazy in this house) I also told my dear husband that I feel confident that I will never be the victim of a serial killer.  Hang on, there's a valid point here.  As posted many times before, I love to read, and I am a huge fan of crime fiction.  Agatha Christie to Karin Slaughter (yes that's her real name,) if it's got a good plot and great writing, I'm in.  Ok, so even if the writings not fantastic I'll probably still read it.  Anyway, Jeff prefers ghosts and hauntings (don't get me started on the whole Christian perspective on this, I'm still wading through this topic) and I happily go along with watching Ghost Adventures or some other such show with him, cause I'm telling you, ghosts are not the things that really scare me.  Full disclosure - I do believe in Satan and demons, and that does scare the tar out of me.  Ok, so here's the thing - what I've learned from my exhaustive reading on the subject of abject depravity in human beings, evil-minded folk, and the law is that those who follow a predictable routine are more in danger than those who don't.  Ha!  I've got those suckas beat!  My children do not allow for such foolishness as routine!  Some mornings I'm up at 5, others it's 6:15, some it's 7:45.  Nightly dog walks may take place at 8, 9, or perhaps 11:13!  Take that serial killers of Bella Vista - you'll never catch me.  
I know.  Even I feel sorry for my husband. 


Momma C said...

What are you saying about us Type A people???? Huh????

Karen said...

GREAT! I have the same crazy genes as you, but the scheduled personality. So, now I'm going to have to add being murdered by a serial killer to my worry-list. Thanks a heap!