Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Three and a half years ago I took a picture in the exact same spot.  There were only 4 kiddos then...

 Jack, oh my sweet Jack, why do you look so silly in this picture?????  Precious Emily, only 6, but looks 7!  Case and Will clapping at...themselves?
The awesome swing bridge at Tanyard Creek.  They ran up and down several times - Emily is already on her way back up and Case has just made the turn!

My sweet Will!  He had to really work hard to keep up with everyone.  His little legs were tired out by this point, but not too tired to not run the bridge:)  I will remember this expression for the rest of my life.

This is what happens when I try to take an action shot! Ha!  Hope it doesn't induce motion sickness:)

The Woelke's came to town for a a quick visit over Emily's fall break.  We had a blast, even though there was a bit of sickness that took over the two elder Woelkes, and the kids got along great!  We didn't do hardly a thing - just let the kids play and we just visited.  Karen and I did manage to steal away with Ryan for a bit of shopping (I still have an Old Navy gift card burning a hole in my pocket thanks to my inlaws!)  It was so much fun to just hang out. 
On a different note, I was in major PMS mode while they were here.  Let me tell you, I never have experienced it in this way before.  Well, that is after Ryan was born things changed.  TMI perhaps, but I'm telling you, I can TELL when it's a comin'!  So can my dear husband:(  I had to apologize to him, my sister,  and my brother-in-law!  UGH!  All of those yuck feelings about moving etc. just came out, and not in a constructive, mature way.  Snippy, ugly, short, sarcastic - you name it, I was not nice.  It is really weird for me to hear these things coming out of my mouth, feeling rather out-of-bodyish, and hearing these words disembodied from me.  I swear it's not a cop out - I know that I do have the ability to control this, but it is such a challenge.  Next month, I think I am going to have to pray a ton more for self-control and for the Holy Spirit to work in my to just keep my mouth SHUT!!!!   Seriously.  Maybe I'll take a vow of silence for those couple of days?  Cause the way it's been going is not productive, nor is it kind, or pretty, or encouraging, or...you get the picture. 
Ok, so moving on.  Things I need to remember:
When I was outside with the kids Sunday afternoon, Will, Ella-Kathryn, and Ryan were swinging, having a great time and that's when I noticed.  My dear daughter is getting so big!  I know, I am a master observer right?  Seriously.   When did her legs get so long?  I remember when she learned how to swing on her own - on that very swing.  She was so excited to pump her legs and make the swing go without help from us.  Now, she can kick the leaves of the tree in front of the swingset.  She swings so high, she makes the whole frame rock.  She chatters non stop about anything and everything.  She is my only daughter and I cannot hold on to her hard enough!  I pray that she will continue to be an encourager, helper, and that she'll hold on to her easy going attitude.  Even when she's having a "moment" she is quick to snap out of it and move on.  Much more like her daddy, she is even-keeled and has always been our best sleeper!  She is a great eater too:)  She loves her girlfriends and told me today that she wants to try public school again after we move (we'll see about that one.)  She still loves to snuggle and loves to take on the role of teacher for her younger brothers.  She's smart as a whip and excels academically.  Most importantly, she loves Jesus and wants to be baptized.  There are pages more that I could write about her, but I need to get back to teaching!  I thank God that He saw fit to bless me with one sweet girl among the 4 crazy boys!  Love you EK!

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