Wednesday, February 18, 2009

We just recieved news that a husband of one of my bible study friends was diagnosed with cancer - diffuse large B cell lymphoma to be exact. Oh how my heart feels heavy right now. Ever since mom i have really come to hate the "c" word - I mean seriously, I hate that word. Of course I am praying for an amazing recovery - quick treatment, not too rough chemo etc. He is a strong, young father of 2 sweet boys and the couple is such an asset to our church and community. It just reminded me of that day I got THE phone call from my dad - come to Fl as soon as possible - everything changes in one phone call. I hate the phone too. I know, I'm being dramatic, shocker. God just keeps bringing me to this place where I have to say, yes it's out of my hands, and yes I'm ok with that. 'Cause really, I suck at that. I am not a particularly pro-active/problem solver type but I just want things right with the world. God is working on my need to be in control and trust in Him and know that i know that i know that His plan is what is best for my life, even if I just don't get it. Which I often don't - because i'm denser than a brick - it's my cross to bear.

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