Sunday, February 22, 2009

Callin' all prayer warriors!!!!

First things first - look at that lil' man! How cute is he??? this is HIS chair (was actually a christmas present from the Sgt' parents to EK several xmas' ago) and that is where he likes to sit to watch Praise Baby, the only dvd he'll actually sit to watch. I realize that he is a bit young to be concerned about him sitting down to watch a movie, but I really need to have some caffeine and read the paper before my day can start, soooo hence the chair. In the first pic he's actually saying "cheese" to me! He's just getting so big it's precious to see him climb up in his chair with his "ilk" (milk) and wiggle to the beat of the praise music - he loves to shake his groove thang:)
Ok now the serious business, most of you know the struggle J has been having in school - listening, paying attention, reading. Overall he seems to be doing ok, but I learned tonight that the "levels" that they keep referring to in his reading program really indicates that he is reading below a 1st grade level. THank you K( friend who is a teacher - everyone should have one of these!) for telling me something J's teacher, reading specialist etc. should have told us months ago! I am a bit peeved that this didn't seem important enough to share. Anway, J has been complaining about school for months now, saying he wants to be homeschooled and that he just doesn't like school. Well I have to take that with a grain of salt b/c the boy is homebody and loves to just play (what 7 year old doesn't right?). But, like my dear friend reminded me today, when your child is this consistent with their comments, maybe there's something there? Not sure yet, but worth praying about. Also, his teacher is maxed out - I think she now has over 25 kids in her class. So, and I know that I am walking a fine line between being my child's advocate and be objective about who he is a student, how on earth can she really teach to J if he does have some sort of learning style issue that cannot be addressed unless it's one-on-one? UGH! I am trying not to get ahead of myself, but cannot help but feel some sense of panic that I may be homeschooling this child as we prepare to bring baby 4 into the world. I know- that I know- that I know- that God will give me what I need to make this happen if it's what is needed for J to be a successful student -but still...So, we need prayer. first that our meeting (as yet to be scheduled, I've just emailed her) with J's teacher would be productive and positive, even if we have to hear some hard truths. Second, the the Sgt and I would be J's strongest advocates, such that all resources available to him would be made ready. Third, that if, and it's a big if, homeschool is where we land, that we would not only be able to do this financially, emotionally, and physically, but that no other member of the family would be slighted in the process. I know that God meant for us to have these 4 children and while at times it seems daunting, it is also extremely humbling to think that God trusts us with 4 precious gifts. thank you Lord! Kids are such an emotional investment, whether their yours by birth or circumstance, that the tears I have shed over each one of mine only serve to remind me of how our Savior must have felt in that moment when God had to turn away so that His plan could be fulfilled. Imagine not saving your own child, and yet in that moment, saving all of us. AMAZING! Whew - thank you in advance for your prayers!

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