Saturday, February 21, 2009


Yes the title looks funny, but then again so do I! The title refers to both my physical state (mildly poochy in the middle) and the emotional/sprititual one. As I have posted, our chruch friends are going through a major trial right now, as the husband began his first round of chemo yesterday. Amazingly, W (the wife) took the time to post about how God is growing her, in her affection for her husband (an issue for them in the past). Wow! Her honesty and transparency really moved me - I have so often found in the "christian" community that women are less than willing to show their flaws. Everyone has a great marriage, maybe they struggle a bit to deal with children issues, but their finances are great and their homes are well-decorated. Only recently (3-5 years) have I finally been allowed to see real godly women - scarred, battered, beaten down by life, but grace-fully given another chance, a second wind, a changed outlook, a renewed spirit, a refreshed marriage. tHank you God - i am not the only one:) There are other women out their who have crap in their lives - praise Jesus! I am not a failure when my kids eat mac-n-cheese ( the non-organic kind) for dinner two nights in a row. It is reassuring to know that other moms reach the end of their ropes too - and even more so that God meets as there, at the thread-bare, frayed end, and works in us to give us the strength to go beyond ourselves. So, as today was a HARD day with Will - super-clingy and whiny-and the Sgt. says to me,"can you imagine this plus the baby?", I thought thanks for that uplifting thought, and yes I can imagine it, but only because I know God will be there, holding me up in each moment. Thank you God for being ALL that i need -it is when I look elsewhere, beyond Him that I get into trouble. So I pray tonight that I will be satisfied that He is now and forever more all that I need -He is enough. Period.

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