Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sad Sunday

Ok, so this is the first...the first time we will not celebrate my mom's birthday. Since she died I have felt like I am walking kind of leaning off center a bit. In the days leading up to this weekend we have been busy, but that overwhelming sadness has crept in... at night, rocking lil' man, buying pumpkins. It is inescapable and terrible...there are just no other words to decribe it.
We had a great time at the concert. Our seats were on the second row! Wow - I am soooo old. That music was just so stinkin' loud:) I wore earplugs! It was a great night though and the kids did great for M. Thank goodness - even lil'man fell asleep with no problems. It's been beautiful here, so we spent the rest of the weekend outside. No church today though since lil'man has yellow stuff coming out of his eyes and nose - GROSS! Oh well.
Hope to come out of this funk sometime soon...

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Karen said...

I love you, and am sad with you Sis. Hugs, K