Thursday, October 16, 2008

Date night!

WooHoo! Tonight's date night. Friends of the Sgt. got us sweet seats to the Gary Allen concert tonight in Fayetteville. The last concert we went to a was about a year ago - I won tickets to see Chris Tomlin during his Amazing Grace tour- awesome! So, my sweet friend M. is going to watch the troups so we can head down for a great night of music and time with the Sgt. friends from work. I'll let you know how it goes:) It's funny because we have joked about my need for earplugs! I know that makes me OLD:( I just can't stand LOUD music anymore and apparently we will be on the stage - pray for my tender ears!
Last night I got to go hang with my homies - my two dear friends K and M. We had chips and salsa, an adult beverage, and some wonderful conversation. These two women are such a blessing in my life and were completely God-sent - Love me some girl time with these 2 gals:)
The Sgt. took care of the kiddos, and yes that meant a trip to McDonalds. Oh well- they'll still grow, right? J and EK had AWANA - this is our first year to do this and we have been so impressed with their retention of scripture and they so enjoy their time with their friends there. I've got cleaning to do today and then lunch with friend to catch up with her life. Does this happen to anyone else - you start the month with a nice clean (read empty) calendar and in a matter of a week those little blocks are all filled up! We still have downtime, but it seems that we have to protect it so carefully. We're not THAT popular either ! It's just life I guess. Hope you all have a great day. til next time!

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Karen said... are old:) Ha! Sweet y'all getting to go on a date! How fun! ENJOY! Love you both!