Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Bible Study Tuesdays

Tuesdays are my bible study days. After co-leading for several years, I needed to take break. My mom passed away in May and that, coupled with three kids, had finally pushed me to that point of surrender. I just wanted to show up and be fed. The lil' Baptist church here in town was offering The Patriarchs, a Beth Moore study - I love me some Beth Moore! It has been awesome too - she points stuff out that makes me wonder if I've been reading the same bible she has:) Unfortunately, i had to work in the nursery today, so I missed small group and the video. I know I can download it, so when I can find 1 solid hour to watch I'll just do that. The sweet thing about this church, and where we live, is that there are a ton of retirees, a.k.a. old people. I got grandma's comin' out my wazoo here. It makes small group fun - so much different than at the church where I was co-leading (primarily young mom's there).

The Sgt.'s new hours are hard for him. He needs sleep, at least 8 hours, and he hasn't seen that much in about 3 days now. I'm hoping that today's the day when the exhaustion kicks in and he get's a decent stretch of good rest. My even for the night was cancelled so I can take care of the kids and let him sleep in.

The pic's are from this weekend - we got to make a scarecrow and then spent some QT as a family. Much needed and fun. The one of lil' man is his first doughnut - I think he liked it!

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Karen said...

I miss you guys today....well everyday, but even more today. I think I got a couple more phone calls from W....he calls me more than anyone else:) Give them all squeezes for me. Love you, K