Monday, October 13, 2008

A haircut, a lost tooth, and a nocturnal dad.

So the Sgt. is on the midnight shift now (11pm-9am) and as J so brilliantly pointed out to me on the way home from church, "Dad's nocturnal now!" Why yes, my young Jedi, he is. Lest we should be too blown away by his intelligent response, we must only think back to earlier that morning when he and EK came out of her room with her scissors, a plastic fighter jet and a wad of her hair. I should have known it was going to be bad when J opens with, "Now mom, I don't want to tell you this because I know you'll get upset" - ya think?! Let's hope is EQ is on par with his IQ. Poor kid also wants to take a hammer to the rest of his teeth in the hopes of bringing in some extra income - smart, and yet, not so much...He did lose his first tooth that same night (should I be worried about things happening in 3's?). The tooth fairy left him a quarter, even though he thought a dollar would be good. Yeah, well, if I had a buck I would be swingin' by Sonic's Happy Hour, not tucking it under your pillow. Sorry bud - times are tough:)
Anyway, lil' man is walking now - can hardly believe he is big enough to do this. He's my baby and definitely our last, so I think in some ways I have been clinging to his role as the baby. Walking just doesn't fit that picture. Oh well, God is teaching me contentment, and that includes enjoying each kiddo right where they are - not pushing ahead or sighing with a wistful glance in the past. (Sigh)

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