Saturday, March 28, 2009

World's Worst Mom

This time on the merry-go-round of pregnancy I have been way more tired than during any of the others. This is probably because lil'man is not a great sleeper, wakes at 5:30ish every morning regardless of bedtime, and while I hate to admit it, I was not in fighting shape when I got pregnant. I was not exercising regularly and eating whenever/whatever I wanted - neither thing really helps with stamina:) So, here I am, HUGELY pregnant at not even 4months and another 5 looming ahead. Cheery outlook right? I am trying to walk and I am definitely eating better. Of course the walking thing is out the window today as I freeze my buttinski off in the SNOW!!! What on earth? Anyway, I I am tired. Often. And I find it sometimes very difficult to stay awake in the afternoon. I try to plan a power nap while lil'man is sleeping, but his "schedule" is so unpredictable it's hit or miss. Thurs. afternoon was one such day. Lil'man had already been down and up from his nap and I was wiped. So I did what any good momma would do. I bribed my 7 and 4 year olds to watch their 18mo. old baby brother. Makes complete sense to me! For a Sonic Jr. Candy Sundae they were in. Chewbaka and I snoozed for about 20 minutes on the lower bunk (with the door open of course!) and when I got up all was well. So what if there were a few hundred Uno and playing cards littering the house. No one had broken any limbs, swallowed anything toxic, set themselves or a sibling on fire. All good baby! And yes, I fully expect DHS to show up at my house any day. Seriously. I was tired.
Here's the kicker though. The Sgt calls at 7:50 and says he'll be home in 10 min. Originally thought he wouldn't get back til at least 10 so we were all very excited. Double edged sword - all of the kids were still awake. Not normal - EK and lil'man are usually out by then, but it had just been one of those nights. Yeah daddy's home. He goes and says goodnight to EK and then comes back out to the kitchen and asks why there's a dead bird on the kitchen counter? What???? Jack says oh no, that's just a decoration mommy found in the Easter decorations box. True. Earlier in the day I had gone up and gotten the spring box down and as I was pulling out the baskets I say this little bird on the bottom. I asked the kids if they remembered that being on one of their baskets from last year. NO they said. Oh well. Must have come off something I said. J and EK played with that thing all day. Moved it around the house. Put it in various places. Then my dear husband informs me it's really a DEAD BIRD!!!!!! Oh my gracious. Are you kidding me??? He asks how could I not tell? Um. I am not a dead bird expert? I would never imagine something so tiny and in such seeming good condition could be anything other than a perfectly crafted replica of a hummingbird. GROSS! He then points at it and says, "Melanie ( and in a rather exasperated tone by the way) it has no eyes." AHHHHH!!!! And I let my kids PLAY WITH A DEAD BIRD i say again! Seriously. This is my life. You can't make this crap up.


Our Family said...

Too much. Really!! Can you hear me laughing from here???

windyday said...

LOVE THAT, I needed a good laugh. You are a great MOM, and great Mom's give their kids fun memories... remember that time Mom let us play with that dead bird! :)