Friday, March 6, 2009

Home again, Home again

We are trying to get back to normal around here. It's hard though since normal would mean that J would be at school, not here pestering his sister! We are grateful that his eye/face is healing very well. There is very little evidence left that there was ever an infection. One of the antibiotics is not going down well, but we're managing. We are going to try for the basketball game tomorrow - I'm not so sure about it, but the Sgt. thinks it will be fine. It is beautiful here today - in the 70's-so we spent some of the day cleaning up branches/limbs from the common property and in the back. Really makes a difference and will hopefully eliminate any homes for creatures of the slithering kind -yuk! Another sweet friend is blessing us with a meal tonight - cannot tell you what a difference it makes having these gifts given to us. On the one hand, it seems unecessary, I mean, I am capable of cooking right? But I have found that I am just now feeling back to normal - finally sleeping through the night. Although we are going to bed later since we have to administer an antibiotic at 11PM - poor J, has to be woken up to be given the stinky medicine. Oh well - we will keep on keeping on til he is completely better!

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