Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My sweet boy J, got back into the swing of things on Monday. Much to his chagrin, he started back to school. So far so good this week. He's stayed on green AND his reading teacher bumped him up a level because he has done so well recently! WOW ! Way to go J - we are so proud of all of your hard work. I knew that the spark had finally come for him since he has been reading signs, magazines, newspapers etc. in a way that he really hadn't before. What a huge praise for us - not only has God healed his eye/face, but also brought him so far in his reading in such short time.
Poppy is coming tomorrow -hurray! THe kids are super excited of course and me too:) Unfortunately our 70 degree weather has gone bye bye and in it's place we have 50's! BOO! HISS! Oh well - we'll find stuff to do. The Sgt has already planned a trip to the RC track for thurs night. J's last upwards basketball game is Sat. The season has flown by - still room for improvement, but I thinks he's had fun.
On a personal note, I have been feeling pretty convicted about the lack of time I spend in His word each day. Not only from my own heart and the Holy Spirit, but from various other avenues, God pointing this out to me as well. Love when He does this! So, a friend and I are now accountability partners as we read our Daily Walk bibles together. So far so good! I also realized just how often I would "read" my bible, but was actually just skimming it in order to say that I had read it. No meat there! This time around I am seeing things I never saw before and am understanding God in a way that I have been desperate for but kept missing because I couldn't be still long enough and invest deeply enough. How sad, so much missed time. But I'm not dwelling on that, just moving ahead and looking forward to getting to know my God in a more intimate way. I truly believe that the struggles that I 've had with doubt and faith etc. will diminish as I draw closer to Him and know who He is, His character, because at the end of the day I do choose to believe that He is good and loves me!


windyday said...

I love your heart and honesty!!! He is faithful!!! Can't wait to hear all HE shows you!

Karen said...

Reading this brought me to tears...I think because your heart and hunger for Him is something that I prayed and hoped for, for you, for years...I feel so blessed to have you as a sister, a best friend, and someone to walk through this life with as we grow and learn together. Love you!