Thursday, March 26, 2009


I downloaded a bunch of pics this morning and laughed at such silly kids! I love them dearly, thank goodness, and that's what keeps me from kickin' them to the curb. So the Sgt. taught Will to "cut his eyes" which translates to him squinting, but it sure is cute. tHe cousins came up for a visit last Sunday and of course the girls had to put on the princess dresses, so that explains the preciousness of the 3 girly-girls dressed up. Also, within the past four days I have caught my two oldest in the sweetest poses. Completely unrehearsed, unplanned, just them being the best kind of siblings -those who love each other and are kind to each other. THe photo outside was actually a mistake. Moments before they were sitting side by side, occasionaly pointing to something unseen by the Sgt and me. I ran in to get the camera, but missed the shot. Fortunately they had assumed this pose and it too was worth snapping -thankfully I got it! Then this morning, after playing outside for a bit, they announced that they wanted a snack. J grabbed some leftover fried chicken from the fridge (I know, they're wierd) and the two settled down to gnaw the meat off the bone. I was checking email and turned around in my chair to check on them only to see that they had taken my jacket, each one putting an arm in a sleeve and say there eating away! Too cute. Hope they continue to be pleasant for the rest of the day!

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Absolutely precious!