Saturday, March 28, 2009

Spring Break Road Trip!

Since the Sgt. had to go out of town during Spring break, we had to cancel our original plans to go camping. THe kid and I hung out at home most of the week. Did a few fun things, but the Sgt. and I had decided to take them to the OK aquarium on Fri to make up for the missed trip. We loaded up Fri morning, hooked up the DVD player, packed a basket of toys for lil'man and took off for a 2 hour car ride to Jenks, OK - right outside Tulsa. Thankfully lil'man fell asleep on the way and the other 2 enjoyed their movie. We got to tulsa in time to grab a bite and then headed on over to the aquarium. THe kids had a good time, we ran into my dear friend from Moms in Touch, and in general it was a fun experience. However, it cost us 50 bucks just to get in and while I appreciate the expense that goes into running that facility, the Sgt. and I were just not that impressed. Oh well. Now we know. Lil' man got to ride around in the backpack carrier for a while and then we let him walk a bit. He said "ish" and pointed at the displays - very cute. J and EK really enjoyed the shark tank - it's built such that you actually walk in a tunnel so the sharks can swim overhead. That was cool. After our visit I did get to run into Macy's and the Gap(they have a maternity section in that one) but couldn't manage to find a thing. It rained all day and got colder over the course of the afternoon, all leading up to snow today.

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