Monday, March 2, 2009

Thank you to H for updating the blog! Thank you to all of our friends and church family for prayers and love - we have truly felt those prayers and J continues to see those sweet faces from church come through his hospital room door! Thanks be to God for continuing to heal our boy. We have seen great progress in the past 24 hours -he can even open his eye! THe pictures posted show just how swollen his face was - sorry, I know it's ugly:) The upper right pic is from this afternoon and the difference is so noticeable. He is such a trooper - so brave and stoic. The Sgt. says most of his "customers" are much bigger babies than our J has been! I stayed with J until today, finally giving into exhaustion and the need to sleep on something other than a plank! EK, lil'man and I headed to the pediatrician's because there was concern that lil' man might have an ear infection, but he's fine, PTL! They are both asleep and I am off too. We'll try to keep all updated in the coming days, but please know how truly grateful we are for all of the offers for assistance that we've already taken you up on and for your continued prayers.

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The Kolbeck Trio said...

Good gracious! That poor baby!! Aunt La La called me at midnight the other day to tell me...please give him get better kisses for us and let him know we are praying for his speedy recovery! I'm sure he's ready to get back to school!! Ha ha!

Hopefully you are handling all of this and all, I'm sure it's taxing.

Hi to all and we send our love and prayers!! Wish we could be there with you all!!

Love and miss you lots!!
Kate, Lilly & Justin