Thursday, March 19, 2009

Poppy's visit

Poppy came for a visit last weekend!! Hurray!! We had a great time, in spite of some stinkin' cold weather. It had been perfect the day before he arrived, but alas, his flight in coincided with SNOW. What in the world? Oh well. We made due with movies, playing around the house, a trip to the RC track (boys only) and then a surprise set of tickets for the UA baseball game Sunday. A treat for Poppy and J! J go to witness his first coach vs. umpire (or empire as he calls them) spat. To watch J reenact the fight is too much - he bobs his head back and forth like a chicken pecking. Poppy had to explain what had happened when the coach got thrown out of the game! He told him that the coach had to go to the locker room to settle down - good job Poppy!
Apparently there were also a couple of teenage boys sitting directly behind J and Poppy and J was enthralled by their conversations - doing donuts, getting into fights, you know, just exactly the kind of stuff you want your 7 year old to learn from strangers!! At least they never covered sex:) Who knows what damage we'd be undoing...for the rest of his life.
Poppy's visits are still bittersweet. It's painfully obvious who's missing and while it's getting easier to talk about mom and the things that we miss about her, it's still just plain hard. I had a dream about her while dad was here - I got up from a nap and she was just sitting on the couch, talking with the kids, like it was the most natural thing in the world. After a bit, I go over to my dad and say, "I mean I'm glad she's here, it's just a bit unnerving," to which he replies, "I know, just let her be and she'll leave when she's ready." Um, Ok. And here's the thing - that conversation would happen just like that if that scene played out in real life. I rarely dream about my mom, so it was great to have that, especially while dad was here, but still...wonder what a therapist would say? Probably, you miss your mom and you wish she were still a part of your life? Gee, maybe I should open office hours as a counselor. THe hardest is knowing how much my dad misses her. There's nothing I can do to fill that void, nor should I, but you know, just wishing this was not our reality.
Ok, so the pics are of J and his gift from Poppy, EK in hers (plus a tshirt she refused to take off for the photo) and lil' man and part of his truck set that Poppy got him. it's taken a couple of days to get back into routine too - Poppy's visit meant staying up late and playing hard all day. WE loved every minute of it, and miss him so much already. Can't wait til the summer when we can head on down to the beach:) The top right is J at his Upwards basketball awards ceremony. It was a great night with a fun illusionist who presented the Gospel after his show. Very cool. J had a great season - his first, so alot of learning! Upwards is great, and this time each player got a backpack. This is J coming off the stage after getting his. Love you buddy - we're so proud of you!

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