Monday, August 3, 2009

Back to School Hair-do

Ella-Kathryn is a bit of a tender head. Brushing/combing is a nightmare and has progressively gotten worse as her hair has grown out from her last haircut. So, in the spirit of getting ready for school, we chopped it off. I had gotten a coupon for Great Clips and on Sat, we had to head down to Fay anyway, so we stopped in on our way home for a "quick" cut. Yeah right. The sweet, but slower than molasses hair stylist, nodded knowingly when I told her how I wanted EK's hair cut. I showed her a picture. I was reassured by her smile and went to grab a couple of things from Starbucks while Jeff and the boys waited on her. I assumed we would be about finished by the time I got back. I. Was. Wrong. 38 minutes later, I was summoned over to check the cut thus far, and at that point she did ask me if I could help EK keep her head tilted down. Another 5 minutes and we're finished...or so I thought. We were, for all intents and purposes finished. I paid. We left. But as we were walking out to the car, I call Jeff's attention to the fact that either our dear daughter is lopsided, or her hair is a tad longer on the right side. It's defnitely the hair. I know I should run her back down to have it fixed - and I will. BUt for now, if you don't scrutinize, it really is stinkin' adorable. she looks like a Hannah Anderson model ( they make great cotton pj's and clothes if you didn't know). She looks sassy and precious all in one. And, she looks some how older. Sigh. She is going to kindergarten. Sigh. She is turning 5 in 10 days. Big Sigh. I love that girl.
PS - the pictures simply do not do it justice - it really is a cute cut. Minus the lack of symmetry:)


Momma C said...

LOVE IT!!! Very grown up, EK!

Karen said...

Precious and sassy...yep that pretty much sums up the hair and girl! Love that child! Aunt Chewy