Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Over the hump?

Traditionally, Wednesday is called "hump day." This is just the case for me this week. Ryan has remained off O2 for 2 days now and his stats are holding fine. He has nursed well on 2 occasions, not so hot on another 2, has taken a bottle well a few times, and not so great another couple. We are on the hump. He has to "prove" that he can eat and gain weight before he can come home. So, is he not consistently eating well because he's still too immature, or as I suspect, just lazy because he's gotten so used to being fed through a tube. I am a demand-feed mommy for my infants. When they tell me they're hungry, i feed them. It's that simple and infants quite predictably fall into their own 2-4 hour schedule within a day or so. However, we're dealing with a NICU full of people who rely on numbers, not a mommy's gut. So we'll sit here on the hump until either Ryan budges, or time moves us in the right direction. In the meantime, I have paved a road for the Lord to bring my baby home. I set up the pack-n-play, put in the carseat, and in my heart, made room for hope that it will be soon that my family is together.
Today, I am going to breastfeed all day (at each feeding I mean!) and we'll see how he does on that kind of schedule. Wish us luck:) And thank you again, for each of you lifting up our family and our sweet boy - your comments on the blog, your facebook notes, phone calls, and cards have buoyed us as we put our heads down into the wind and persevere!


Momma C said...

Dear Jesus, we ask that Ryan would eat like a champ, grow like a teenager, and be strong like a football player. We pray that you would unite this family soon so that they can grow in Your love.

In Jesus' name

Bob Phelps said...

Hey, Friends,
We've been out of town for a couple of days and just got back in to check on you. Glad to hear reports of progress, even though I know they're slow from where you see them. Re: earlier posts--don't ever be afraid to talk with God about what's really going on with you and how you feel about it. God already knows and will love you as no one else can or will, even when you are honest about doubts, fears, apprehensions, and plain old mad fits. God love you enough to stay with you through all that and more. Don't ever be afraid to spiritually vomit. It's the ones who know they need to and won't that scare me most.
You continue in our prayers here always.

Aunt LaLa said...

Mel, I just hate being so far away! I love that little Ryan already. Lord I pray he'll be home, where he belongs, SOON! And I know it will be, soon.
Love you!
A. Laurie

Karen said...

Go Ryan Go! I know you can do it little buddy!