Thursday, August 27, 2009

TRAPPED - but in a good way

So I'm trapped here in the hospital. I have to prove that I know what I'm doing as a mom. That I know that from somewhere deep in the recesses of my mommy gut where my instinct tells me that Ryan will eat every 31/2 -4 hours instead of 3 on the nose, that i'm right and he will gain, or at least not lose weight. Geesh that was a long and grammatically incorrect sentence. I've watched cable tv for the first time since my trip to FL and I've eaten hospital food that wasn't all that bad. I've read my bible, not written my thank-you notes, and nursed my precious son(he's doing well too.) I have to say though, that I have had a good chuckle people watching. There was the moment when I was just about to undue my nursing bra when I heard the sound of mowers cruising by my window. I hopped up in time to see the back of the guys head go by - thankfully the blinds were almost completely shut! Another time, as I wheeled Ryan back from the nursery, this sweet woman pushing a huge food cart down the hall played chicken with me:) Not her fault - the nursery beds are ridiculous to steer, but we had a good chuckle over that. Just before I sat down to write this I looked out my other window, which looks out over the parking lot, and saw this dear older man with whom I'm assuming is his wife. I love a precious grandpa-aged man in suspenders with his dungarees (reminds me of my Poppop Shuster) but then I laughed out loud when he came from around the car and I saw that he had on jean shorts with a belt, muscle shirt, and then suspenders! Just too much!
On the Ryan front, he's doing well. So far no weight loss and he's nursing a bit better. I am not supplimenting him at all, in an effort to see how much he is getting strictly from me. He is scheduled for his circumcision tomorrow morning and then if all is well, we'll be discharged in the afternoon. He did well on the exam given by the physical therapist and I went ahead and scheduled a follow-up in another month. Better to check him frequently and early on in the hopes of catching anything early. Dad brought Will down this morning and then the whole clan is coming back tonight. Will was just adorable with Ryan. He wanted to hold him and did so while sitting in my lap. Dad got some pics which i'll post later. He kept pointing to Ryan and saying "baby" to which I replied yes, Ryan. He would then say, "I-an.'' He'll be a great big brother!


Katie said...

Thanks for your sweet comment. I am truly happy for you and your son. Your children are beautiful!


Momma C said...

Yes, that hospital has REALLY good food. Go figure! That is why we called it the ____ ____ bed and Breakfast!

So excited for you!

BTW - You will know what Ryan needs. Don't worry.