Friday, July 31, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

This morning Jeff got up with the kids - turned off the monitor, got Will, etc. I laid in bed, desperately willing myself to go back to sleep. I tossed and turned, thinking about yesterdays dr.'s appt ( apparently I have very low level of amniotic fluid, normal but low, and baby is breach, and Dr. is concerned about time left for him to move into position all the while he grows bigger in a low-fluid environment!) and still what to name baby, and that somehow this year's birthday feels harder than last years without mom, as if somehow this year was confirmation that she is really, really, gone, not just "away" or something completely ridiculous like that...
So, there I am thinking all these thoughts, when I hear Will say, "Yummy!" I now know some kind of tomfoolery is going on in my house. Found out later, Jeff was writing on the cake and Will, wanting to see, climbed up on a chair only to slip and in trying to catch himself, planted his hand in the side of the cake! Of course it was yummy to clean up his hand! I hear some more muffled talk of 'mommy', 'she's gonna love this' and something about 'how long do we have to wait to eat', so I open the door and walk out into the kitchen, apparently interrupting the finishing touches of the cake/card. I turn back around and crawl in bed with Will and a banana til I'm told I can come out. Awaiting me is my beautiful cake, and a precious card signed by all, with a Starbucks GC! WooHoo! I was informed that we would be eating the cake for all three meals, but seeing as how we were all slightly woozy from that much sugar first thing in the morning, I've managed to convince the crew that we should save some for dessert tonight.
Jeff is trying to finish up his lawns to get home to cook for me, but I really just want him to light the grill and we can all cook dinner together. I am really content this year in that regard, to just be home with my family. I have no desire to go out - rather tired and wanting to watch a movie with my husband after we tuck in the kids. I can wear my jammies, munch on popcorn that doesn't require my to harvest an organ to pay for it, and then fall asleep with the man whom I love!
PS - Yes Will did have on pajama pants but apparently had taken them off before Jeff got him out of bed this morning!

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Momma C said...

Happy Birthday Girl!! Hope that it has been a great day.