Thursday, July 16, 2009

Finally some pics

On the road! After my OB appt in June this was the shot I took of our hoopty as we headed out of town, bound for FL. Seriously, the DVD players, my cookie sheet contraption for Will ( he uses it as a tray for his cars when we're out and about) just the whole darn picture - we could have survived the apocolypse with all of the stuff we had in there! And yes they each have ring pops, courtesy of my OB - thanks Dr. Sarver-cause we all know that's exactly what kids need before the start of a long car trip...sugar!

My dear friend Laura and her kiddos met us at the Georgia Aquarium. As I said earlier, it was amazing! Her oldest is so bright and was quite the little tour guide (they go often and he knows that place like the back of his hand). Note: because my kids "slept in" at that morning, we got a late start and I was racing around to make up time. I forgot to put on a stitch of makeup!!!! NOw, in my normal-everyday life I often go sans makeup, but seriously, out and about in such a public venue - YIKES!! Oh well - at least the only people I knew there love me no matter how scary I look:)

My sincerest apologies to my friend - that first pic is not so flattering! We were desperately trying to get all the kids to look at me, and well you know how easy that is, particularly with the coolest beluga whales swimming around in the this cool tank behind me! The second is of our three and lo and behold, a happy second for Will - not a great morning for that little man. The other two, well, Jack looks like an evil scientist and EK is being her usual goofy self. But we survived and it was a good diversion for them before getting back in the car for the remaining 5ish hours to Poppy's house.

Here are a couple of pics of my sweet niece Lilly - she just turned one and is too much! while in FL with us she started walking and is just hands down the most contented little person I've ever met - hardly fussed a lick the whole time. Missing her so much!

Also while in Fl it became ubundantly clear that Will's hair was getting way too long. I was constantly brushing his "bangs" aside, and while he did resemble a cute lil' frat boy, overall, it was simply too shaggy. So above is the 'before' as Jeff just begins cutting and here's the after...

MUCH BETTER!!!! When he bites his lower lip, he actually resembles his cousin too! And after his nap the front was kind of flipped up a bit in a rather hip manner. Of course this morning a little girl friend of ours asked what he was wearing. I asked why she was asking me that, to which she replied, it looks like he has on a dress!!!! It was actually a one-piece John-John with surf boards all over it. OH well - hope he doesn't try to charge us for his therapy:)

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Karen said...

Okay, fyi....Lilly is your cousin, not your niece. And where ARE you precious niece and nephew in all these shots? I've GOT to send you some, eh? Ha! Love you!