Sunday, July 26, 2009

Naming of the Offspring, Part IV

I am very indecisive. I am the one who can never pick a place to eat, movie to rent, name for a baby:) Actually, when it comes to food and movies, I am good at saying what I don't want, but often can't articulate exactly what I do. Or, and this may be worse, I am so afraid of being disappointed in my choice, that I would rather have someone else decide for me. Or, maybe I'm just that lazy. Tis possible, I have to admit. I definitely lean towards the lazy side of life. THe real pickle around here these days is the baby name decision. We landed on one, the kids loved it and were calling him by that for months, only to have it booed by the extended family. Now normally I don't give them that much voting power, but considering this is the LAST child I will be bearing/birthing (I am so serious here people) I have given their opinion some weight. The other problem is that in naming our other 3 we have used up the family names which I loved. Ok, so now I've admitted that I will be naming this baby something I don't love?? No, not really, but it has made this a very difficult process. I mean this boy will have this name forever. Names are defining in a way that is often intangible - i.e. someone was dumped by a "Tom" and will always think of "Toms" as jerks. You get what I'm saying. And yes, I am fully aware that this is completely unavoidable, there will always be someone with a negative association of your name. Nevertheless, I am burdened by this right now. Finding the "right" name for this, our last, boy. Names float across my subconscous as I'm falling asleep. When I make my nightly nocturnal trek to the potty, there they are, unfurling on the toilet paper roll and then swirling down the toilet. When Will awakens me shouting "Mom" through the monitor at an ungodly hour, I immediatly start trying out the names, "Will hush, you'll wake ____." Too much spare time you ask? No, just one mom trying desperately to get it right, so that I will not have to have this conversation when he's 13..."Mom, what were you thinking naming me *****, did you NOT realize how lame this name was and how many times in my lifetime I would get my butt kicked because of your glaring inability to pick a proper name?" I for one, am not going to be party to that kind of ridicule from my son, so I will just have to continue on searching for just the right name for this, MY LAST, child.

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Momma C said...

After 3 kids so far you so should that you never ask people's opinion, girl!

Do you want me to name the baby?? I will be glad to!!!