Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Playdate fun and VBS

Playdate fun! Ella-Kathryn's friend came over to play yesterday and the final activity was painting. The girls got along so well and after putting on makeup, dressing up, watching a movie, and more, it was fun to watch them concentrating so hard on their art. Will got to paint too - he loved it and kept signing "more" for mommy to get more colors on his brush. After every "stroke" he would look over at me, say "mom" and then direct my attention to his masterpiece! Very proud of himself:)

Last week the kids attended an awesome VBS and they had a great Family Night complete with an illusionist, cookout, and bouncy houses. I was so excited for Jeff to snap this pic, since I am very rarely in the photos with my kids! I'm always the one behind the camera. And, my belly doesn't look too big in this one!

CHEETO MAN! A good time was had by all!

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