Monday, July 13, 2009

Oh my - almost a month since my last post!

We survived the 2 semi-cross country trips to FL and back to see my dad, sister (and her fam) aunt and grandmother. WHew! the going out leg really wasn't that bad. THe kids did great for me and we made it to Birmingham in record time, stayed at a very nice motel which was superbly located right across the street from both and Wal-Mart and a Chick-fil-a - Praise GOD!!! tHe next day we headed off to Atlanta to meet one of my sweet friends from grad school, her two boys, and her mom at that Aquarium. it was amazing! If you ever get the chance to go - GO:) THey have actual whale sharks - and not babies - in this insane tank that not only has a walk through tunnel, but also a whole WALL that is just glass. crazy! Jack and EK had a blast - will, not so much. Oh well. By the time we arrived at dad's it was 8ish, but b/c of the timing we also managed to miss all of the bad traffic on 95. All in all, not a bad trip. Note to self, driving that long solo, pregnant, never do it again!
Once there, we enjoyed sand, sun, pool, being spoiled by Aunt LaLa and Poppy. EK is now officially a fish:) She amazed her daddy with her swimming when he flew in on the 3rd. Poor Jeff though, only 1 day on the beach and then RAIN! Yuck - and sadly we did not have one bad day before he got there. Thems the breaks people. He and I did enjoy our getaway to ST. Augustine though and he even managed to fit in a massage, so I think he's not too upset about the whole thing.
Here's the sad part though. I have maybe 2 pictures from the whole trip. My digital kept quitting on me, and there is apparently a huge scratch on the lens of our 35mm. I'm hoping that between the other relatives someone can post some pics for me to steal and put on here. In them meantime, I am feeling HUGE, happy to be home, and trying very hard not to wish the next 8 weeks away. I will post more later about the tougher aspects of the trip too - we scattered mom's ashes and had some good discussions about life from here on out, but right now I am going to lay down on the couch and try to nap for a few before my Dr. appt.
Peace out.

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