Monday, June 15, 2009

Ella-Kathryn had a playdate the other day with one of her current BFF's C. They met at AWANA this past year and really, it's ridiculous watching the two of them together. Oh well! EK had gone over to C's house a few weeks back, but with illness, their travel plans, life, well, it's taken til this past week to get them together. Here she is waiting for her friend...who was not due to arrive for another hour! Her daddy informed her it would be a while before she got there, but EK insisted she was just fine where she was thank you very much. In reality, it didn't last. After about 20 minutes she gave it up and went on to
play, but it was cute. The bad news was that as soon as we finished eating lunch, C's mom called and informed me that there was a possible tornado headed our way! Yikes! Thankfully it all died out before reaching BV, but still, a freakin' tornado:) Sorry girls - time to go home!
Here's my lil' man at the pool. Thankfully he loves the water and playing/splashing around. However, it is amazingly difficult to take pictures when I'm there by myself with the 3 kids. Jack and Ella-Kathryn are fine on their own (jack can swim and EK wears this awesome suit with built in flotations thingies) but still. Get Will out of the water. Go get camera out of water proof bag. Get Will back in the water. Try to take pictures while not getting camera wet and/or allowing other children to drown. Get will back out of water. Put camera back in bag. UGH! So here's one pic and that will be it for while people. Sorry.

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