Friday, June 12, 2009


A couple of weeks ago I served my last 11:00 service! Last week I was already missing my families and their kiddos - but I know that it was the right decision for our family for now. That being said, I was surprised by my co-servers & director with a TON of diapers/wipes/baby items! It was truly overwhelming! Jeff had to wheel it all out on a service cart!!!!
The closet in what used to be Ella-Kathryn's room, now Will's, stuffed to the gills with baby #4's hanging clothes and some of the diapers we've received.
The armoir, again stuffed to the gills, with baby boy's clothes. The sweet thing is that these are mostly clothes that Jack wore when he was a baby, then were passed on to my sister's SIL, my sister's son, then back to us! Wow! Some are those that were not worn at all by Jack, but were passed on to us from karen's SIL. All in all, amazing:) I know that I will be praising God for this many clothes when I can barely drag myself out off the couch to do another load of laundry after being up all night with a newborn:)
There are more diapers under the crib too! The plan is for Jack and Ella-Kathryn to continue sharing the bunk room until next fall when Will should be ready to move to a big-boy bed. Until then, he will stay in the crib and baby will room-in with us in the pack-n-play. I've always found it easier to have them within arms reach since I'll be nursing. That's the plan. And anyone with kids knows all about well-intentioned plans........

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