Thursday, June 4, 2009

Last Day of School!

Driving home from school - what's with the mouths wide open????

Will loved his roasted marshmallow, but proceeded to fall in the pile of wood chips right after shoving one in his mouth: tarred and chipped:)
Our first-grade graduate. Can not believe the year is already gone - he had to work so hard this year and we are super proud of him!
See Ya First Grade! (Ignore my dirty van - we drove on a dirt road yesterday looking for a garage sale - should have been my first clue it wouldn't be anything great!)

Today was Jack's last day of school. We started the day with mini-cinis, bacon, and cantaloupe - one of Jack's favorite breakfasts! Then, Ella-Kathryn, Will, and I surprised him at school with Sonic for lunch. We were running a bit behind and so his teacher had to go grab him out of the lunch line while i was signing in. It was too funny because I could tell he thought he was in trouble as he came walking out of the cafeteria! Just the way he hung his head...poor kid. And yet, why exactly did he have reason to think he was in trouble???? His teacher asked him when she pulled him out of line, "do you think you're in trouble?" He said, "no!" But i wonder what was going on in that head:) Anyway, he was super surprised to see us and told me later that he was so glad that we brought him something because they only had 2 choices today for lunch and he wasn't crazy about either of them. Ha! Then Jeff got home in time for us all to load up to pick Jack up from school. I had decorated the car and Ella-Kathryn and I prepared to ambush Jack with water guns when his name was called in the pick up line. It was hysterical - he started to run away! I had to yell for him to get in the car - you moms know how fast those pick up lines move:) It was really sweet, he just kept saying how cool it was to have the car decorated etc. After school we played for a while then roasted hot dogs in the fire pit along with corn on the cob and then of course, marshmallows. It was a great day - and hopefully the beginning of a great summer break!

****Sorry - I got the photos in first and then couldn't move the text. Darn computers! Certainly not my ineptitude right?

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