Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Slave labor & a new haircut

My sister and my dad got together for my Bday and paid for a haircut/color! Yippeeeeee! I have a ton of naturally curly hair that is NEVER cheap to color. Even if I just did an all over color it would still cost an arm & a leg - and yes I often do it at home, but with my hair, it often just looks better when someone can put some oomph in it with different low/highlights. Rationalize much? Anyway, last night was my appt and I am always amazed at how great I feel when I leave the salon - even if it's not the "right" color/cut, I just feel like a prettier version of myself. Sick, yes, but welcome to my world. L. did a great job on the cut and I do like the color, it may be a bit contrasty (I made that word up), but I like it too. Please forgive the wierd angle of the pic - Jeff was busy but I wanted to snap a pic for dad and K.

Now, on to the slave labor part of the post. Children are an amazing resource for free labor. Now that Jack and Ella-Kathryn are old enough to actually do some of the more difficult chores, we've been really putting them to work. Pick up dog doo. Check. Rake of yard clippings. Check. Now if only then could menu plan and grocery shop, I'd have it made!
Last but not least - the size of the giant beast growing inside of me and the love that one little boy has for his new brother and his dogs...
Going in for the smooch!

Pucker up lil' bro:)

Oh, how he loves his Hap!


Momma C said...

Love the hair!!! Too cute!!!

Karen said...

It looks AWESOME! Enjoy....we need all the help feeling human in this season don't we? I love when I get to put on make up and flat iron my hair....and that's RARE:) Happy Birthday, Sis! Love you!