Friday, May 29, 2009

Are any one else's kids wierd like this? He loves to pulll up his boxers and run around saying, "I'm an ol' grandpa!" Oh well, he may be odd, but he's mine - all mine:)

Will is down and out with strep. Miserable couple of days around here. THis is how he fell asleep (the first time) last night. He never does this, so I know he must feel pretty rotten. Just pray that no one else comes down with it. Jeff and I are exhausted from dealing with Will, so if the others get it, we may be pushed beyond our limits!
Jeff and the kiddos wiped out. Sweet picture though knowing that Jack won't want to do this much longer.

Jeff, I'm sure will appreciate me plastering his pasty white legs all over the internet:)
We got the test results back from Jeff's dr earlier this week and found that not only his is blood pressure too high, but so is his cholesterol. He eats well here at the house, since typically I only provide pretty healthy stuff, but he really needs to get a handle on portion control and changing how his body craves sugar and salt. I'm so proud of him since he really hasnt' had the opportunity to take baby steps with this - we've had to go full throttle to limiting alot of his "favorites." The hard part will be when he's on duty - eating out will be a true test of his ability to make smart choices. Pray for him if you would?


Our Family said...

Do you feel like everything is falling apart?? Hang in there. I will be praying for Will, that no one else gets sick, and for Jeff!

windyday said...

I feel your pain I will pray for Jeff as I also pray for my B to make good choices. Man it is a battle. Hang in there.

Aunt LaLa said...

Jack is a HOOT! I see he has THE family sense of humor! YAY! I can relate to Jeff. It is a struggle, especially with so much on his plate. It is just easier to eat whatever is easy to get your hands on...anyhow, I will pray for Jeff (and his pasty white legs) and for you all. Poor Will! I hate to see the little ones sick. Love you all!