Monday, May 11, 2009

Well, I haven't posted in a week - it just flew by! We had a great weekend, had some family time on Sat and then had a great Mother's Day. And that's saying something considering it was my first without my mom here. I was actually holding up ok until I got to church and they started the worship music off with "Forever" by Chris Tomlin. That was the song that my dad chose for my mom's celebration of life service! UGH!! Then, during the message, our community pastor referred to Timothy's grandmother, Lois. Lois was my dad's mom, the rock of his faith, a woman who truly left a spiritual legacy through him and my sister and myself. My dad and I joked later in the day that church was one of the hardest places to be - maybe we should just stop going! HA!
Hope all you mommas out there had a great day and I'll post more later.

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