Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The tooth fairy dropped the ball

Sunday Jack and EK were wrestling, before church because yes, that's how we roll in our house. Anyway, Jack comes running into the kitchen and tells me that EK hit him in the mouth with her elbow and has knocked his tooth loose! OH my. In reality, it was the front tooth that was already loose, she just gave it a big ol' head start to falling out. We proceed to get ready and go on to church, and then at lunch Jack takes a bite of his chicken and sure enough, out came the tooth! The staff was so sweet - brought him a little cup with a lid to keep it safe. That night we tucked it safely in a baggie and hid it under his pillow. The next morning Jack says to me, "Mom, I don't understand. My tooth is right where I left it last night. I went to sleep! I promise!" Oh dear! Boy howdy, did the tooth fairy (aka me) drop the ball or what? Yikes! Being the quick thinker and wonderful mom that I am, I immediately turn it back on to my sweet son, "are you sure you were asleep ALL night? Maybe the TF didn't believe that you were actually asleep since most nights you have such trouble going to sleep." I know, how horrible am I? At dinner Jeff even had the gall to suggest to Jack that it was his discipline issues of late that had kept the TF from coming as scheduled. Oh my - can we say THERAPY for this one? Anyway, after initially trying to blame my poor kid, I did let him know that it had been a rainy night and perhaps the TF's wings couldn't get wet, thereby causing the delay. Pretty good, huh? He bought it and until he's old enough to read this blog we're safe. Which brings up another point - we don't expressly push the TF and other myths, even Santa, on our kids, but we figure they're only little once and it will be gone before we blink. Their foundation is in Christ and this other stuff is superfluous. still, sorry Jack. Didn't mean to dash your fantasies so early:)


Our Family said...

That is too funny! I do believe you have had a lot on your plate right now. You are forgiven!

Aunt LaLa said...

Dear Jack, I am sure he will wait patiently for the Tooth Fairy to deliver the goods! I know as a kid I would have accepted your explanation! There was NOTHING that could deter me from belief in the Tooth Fairy, Santa, etc.! So, don't worry...you won't have to sign him up for therapy...YET!