Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I got violently ill Sunday night. Don't know what happened, don't know what caused it. All I know is that I am still feeling the effects - I pretty much strained my neck/back during the course of the upchuck session. There was also a nasty bladder control issue involved...ah, sweet pregnancy. How I shall miss you. I will, but I'm also already done being pregnant. And that's unforunate given that I have 16 more weeks to go.
A Simpson children update:
Will is mean. I'm not kidding. He pulls hair, bites, pushes, slaps. What in the world? Is this because he doesn't feel like he is communicating? Not sure. What I do know is that it is a FULL-TIME job protecting the older two from this holy, yet tiny, terror. he is promptly removed from the situation and then made to apologize; nevertheless, this does not bode well for the newest little one coming along. Will we have to hire a round-the-clock body-guard for baby brother? Only time will tell...
Jack finally got a haircut. Poor kid wants to grow out his hair like the other "cool" boys in school, but he inherited a massive amount of hair that grows out as much as it does down. The result is a helmut-like mound that will never take on that super hip retro 70's 'do that the other boys are sportin'. Oh well.
Ella-Kathryn is still the greatest helper ever, but that sassy 'tude is rearing it's ugly head a bit more and more. We are working with her daily to understand how her words are a reflection of her heart, but boy howdy, there are some days I just want to tape her mouth shut! And her eyelids so I can't see her rolling her eyes at me, which we treat in this house as the same offense as mouthing off. Someone please tell me that doing the hard work now will help curb some of the teen issues??????
Jeff's mowing season is in full swing - God bless that man and his work ethic! Hopefully the rain will hold off for a while. The beach trip is planned and it's all the kids talk about. I'm excited too - bobbing up and down in the waves will feel great. Just hope no one tries to harpoon me:)

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Aunt LaLa said...

That sweet little, diminutive child is a terror? No...he is only trying to establish his place in the hierarchy of family! Obvioiusly, this sweet little guy has a strong Will..that is will. HA. Nanny JO...where are you? I look forward to his meeting with Lilly, another sweet terror! HA! That is why I LOVE kids! No pretense...totally themselves...and so loved! God must look at us the same way! Foolish, untrained children who He loves without reservation. I am looking forward to June (you can't imagine how much) and I will be glad to help you whale about in the sea! HA. You shouldn't be surprised at how wonderful your children become as they get older...you and Jeff are terrific parents, and your kids will be also. And I can't wait to see you all.