Sunday, May 24, 2009

OK, so I can't believe I forgot to pass this on. Our friends who were battling cancer got the reports back that he his cancer FREE!!!Everywhere - they can find NADA:) Praise God! Got me to thinking though - how often do we send out urgent prayer requests and then fail to follow through when God moves mightily to rescue/heal/restore. Maybe it's just me. Maybe that's part of my problem:( I remember writing in my journal when I got to those parts of the OT where the Israelites purposefully and intentionally put down a reminder of God's goodness or in the case of the Ebeneezer stone, how God had brought them THIS far. Not looking ahead any further, but knowing that God had been with them through some pretty tough times, never left them, never neglected to love them. If HE had come this far with them in their unbelief, ugly hearts, lack of obedience, then surely He would be with them through anything that was to come. Sooooo, on this day, the day that my mom went home, even though I tried to lay on her to keep her from going (yes I know I was merely squishing her,not stopping my Jesus from carrrying her to glory), I choose to praise Him for sticking with me this far. He carried me through this past year, carried me because there were many days when I certainly was not physically capable of walking on my own. He kept my family together especially on those day when I was not a nice mommy/wife/friend. Grief, thine name is selfishness. I choose to NOT look beyond this day.

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