Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Blustery Day

Dear cloudy, windy, November day,
     You are too warm for my liking, although I prefer not having to run the heater, so I will take the milder temps for now.  Your mostly cloudy day has stirred deep within my soul a desire to eat baked goods.  Many, many baked goods.  I made a pie to celebrate November's coming - that's how desperate I am for sweets.  That and we've been watching Little House on the Prairie, and by golly that Ma makes a mean apple fritter, or so says Pa, which means I really needed to see if I too could make a tasty fritter.  According to my children I can:)  OK, so back to this Nov. day.  You are so windy that it makes my baby boy catch his breath when he's on the swing that he loves so.  Will looks ten times more adorable running across the leaf covered yard, his hair swooshed to one side, then swooshed back into his eyes.  That reminds me, he needs a haircut. Oops, stay on track.  Did I mention that this weather also makes me want to curl up on the couch with and read?  Yeah, that doesn't really mesh with 4 children under foot.  I made a big pot of soup the other night. It was delicious and you should all try it!  I omitted the meat, just used the beans and pasta and it was still very filling.  Pasta e Fagioli from  Go.  Cook.  Eat.  Then make dessert and eat that too so I don't feel like I'm all alone in my journey towards a diabetic coma.

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Momma C said...

I just thought it was life that made me want to eat baked goods. Good to know that it is the weather! There is hope!