Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Fall Blessings

1. Little one's who eat.  A lot.  This was a bowl of that homemade minestrone-style soup.  He ate 2 full bowls!

2.  A little fall banner I picked up on clearance some time back.  For a couple of bucks it makes me smile and serves as a reminder to do just what it says!

3.  Little boys who have learned how to throw fits.  I know I shouldn't classify this as a "blessing" but really it's so cute and we're truly grateful that this little guy is even around to throw fits!  During this particular one, Jeff had set him down to go grab something out of another room.  Ryan apparently did not approve and crawled over to this rug in front of the kitchen sink, laid his head down, and screamed while alternately yelling da da:)

3. Siblings who really like each other.  For the most part these kiddos enjoy life together.  Here's Ryan getting a ride in the wagon - I did have to remind Jack to slow down about 50,000 times:)

4.  A new deer blind - here's to hoping it's a bountiful season!

5.  Kids who enjoy music - in their underpants!  I tell you what - this guy seems to be in his skivvies quite a bit.  Looking back at pics, we've got several of him in his unmentionables!  He was rockin' out to Rock Band.  Just wish I had thought to capture it on video too. 

Today my friend H is having her 4th so we're praying for her family!  She is an amazing mom to 3 already, so I know she's going to rock as a momma of 4:) 
Jeff is sleeping now but has to rise earlier than usual to head out for night qualifying (shooting at night.)  Praying for a sure and steady hand for him!
Homeschool work is done for the day.  Getting ready to put Will down for his nap.  Ryan's asleep already, and if I can convince the 2 biggers to head out for a bit, I might get a few minutes to myself:)  That would definitely be a blessing to be counted!

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