Sunday, November 21, 2010

Not Forgetting

I was going to label this post "Remembering" but really is much more appropriate to say that I just don't want to forget!  Here are some of those things:
  • While playing with his buddy J, Jack had a chance to witness to him. J's questions involved not being sure if he believed in God since he couldn't see him, and not understanding how Christ really could have risen after 3 days.  Wow!  Great questions and while Jack admitted he struggled to convey what he thought were the answers, I couldn't have been prouder that he stepped up and tried to help walk his friend through those difficult areas of faith.  This prompted some good discussion with Jack and has put me on a path to find some material on apologetics for kids.  (Any help would be greatly appreciated!)
  • Will & I were in the restroom at church this morning, and after I helped him go, it was my turn.  Normally I make the boys turn around if we have to share a stall or whatever, but we were running late and I just forgot.  So as I stand up to get myself put back together he asks me "mom, do you have a penis?"  Ha!  I explained that only boys have penises, to which he replied "so just me, daddy, and Jack?"  I added "and Ryan" and he parried "not you and sissy!"  Smart kid, no?
  • Ryan said "La La" for the first time tonight while skyping Aunt La La!
  • Ella-Kathryn said she was scared and concerned that when she turned 7 people (by which I'm sure she meant her brothers) would come into her room and make it messy and that at that time she would always want it to be neat.  What in the world???
  • At one point this afternoon Will called me into his room in a voice that kind of worried me.  I ran in and found him standing in his underpants (shocker I know) with a pair of children's scissors in his hand.  Now we have little kid scissors and big kid scissors and these were not the little kid ones.  I was about to reprimand him when I really looked at his face.  He was scared.  I asked him what was wrong and he said he had cut his bear (stuffed animal.)  I started giving the bear the once over and asked Will where he cut him.  He so timidly pointed out the very end of the ribbon that is tied around the bear's neck!  Poor boy thought he was in for it!  Thankfully that's all that was cut and he was not injured in the process.  I did have to remind Jack that he cannot leave the big kid stuff out when we have so many little hands around the house:)
  • Ryan is doing such a great job of falling asleep on his own!  For those of you who know us well, you know this has only happened with one of our other kiddos.  We are loving it!
  • Will wakes up almost every night and wants to get in bed with us.  I am usually too tired to fight it, and quite frankly as I look at my sweet Jack who's about to turn 9, I am only too glad to let this little one to climb on in.  He does, however, talk and often yell in his sleep which can make for an interesting wake up call.  Sadly he has called out "no mommy no" more than once:)
  • If I could find a Lightening McQueen pocketknife for my 3 year old, I would be his hero forever.
  • EK and I got to do a bit of shopping on our own last week.  She needed some shoes and tights and we really had a good time just the 2 girls.  It reminded me of how much more intentional we need to be with a bit of one-on-one time with the kids.  She is such a grateful little girl, always thanking us for things/food/clothes/etc. 
  • Oddly, Will is the most thankful child.  He is always the first to pipe up and say thank you.  So sweet coming from that little person!
  • The kids have not been in public school in 5 months and even though there are some excruciatingly challenging days, I cannot imagine them being gone for 8+hours a day any time in the near future. 
  • Jack was helping Will get dressed the other day and he was frustrated with Will's unwillingness to put his legs in the right leg holes.  Jack hollered, "Use the brains God gave you man!"  I have no idea where he may have heard that little gem...
Ok, so those are just  few.  As I read Building a Foundation for Your Child's Faith, but Dr. Larry Stephens, I have been so convicted in the area of my own lack of self-control.  I fly off the handle far too quickly.   I am too quick to anger over the silliest of things.  This book has helped point me back to the truth that I cannot do this in my own strength and only if I am modeling the Fruits of the Spirit can I ever hope to draw my children close to God.  And only in this way can I hope to show them how God loves them with an ever-forgiving, always-loving Father.  I'm only half way through, but so far it's been a good read.  Off to be now to read another good book, Bloodroot, by Amy Greene.


Karen said...

okay, first called Will a little person. I could hear Gran's voice as I read it! Second comment, I love that sure and use that one on him during Math tomorrow, kay? Ha! Love those precious children!!!

Aunt LaLa said...

I cannot tell you how precious and dear your and Karen's children are to me! About as dear as you and Karen were! Total JOY! They brighten (is that a word?) my life...make me happy..I am so grateful to have all of you in my life.