Friday, August 6, 2010

One Year

It's truly amazing what a single year can bring.  This time last year we were anxious and worried as our newly born son had been whisked off the NICU after an emergency c-section the night before.  Jeff and I were talking about how in some ways it is so difficult to remember sitting next to Ryan's NICU bed day after day, pleading with God for grace and mercy for this child.  On the other hand, there are moments when those emotions punch you in the gut.  The intensity of the fear and helplessness truly stop you in your tracks, causing you to suck in your breath.  We could of have lost him.  I asked Jeff, "was it really as serious as I made it you to be?  Was I overly concerned?"  He said no.  In fact we probably will never truly understand just how sick he was - his Dr.'s hardly knew what kind of infection he had.  But this story has a happy ending.  He is totally fine!  As the pics show, healthy and happy.  So here's a run down of who Ryan is at the end of his first year:
  • you still love Praise Baby!  And thank goodness for that since it will occupy your attention for a bit while we try to get some things done. 
  • while I don't know your exact weight, you are definitely a healthy boy! 
  • it was difficult for me to not breastfeed you, but there have been some definite pluses to formula - anyone could feed you, and of course see above point:)
  • in spite of a mother who fretted over every milestone (would there be delays?) you reached each one in your own time, which was pretty much right on track anyway
  • you hate to be on your tummy - really not a fan - and thus the "scootch" was born: you don't crawl, you scoot in a sitting position, all over the place!  You're actually pretty quick too, and it's funny to look down and see you at my feet when you were just in another room:)
  • you have 2 bottom teeth and the one on top is pretty much in too
  • you are just now beginning to enjoy chunkier foods - after the great vomiting all over mommy incident of 2010 in Chick-fil-A, this is a great relief!
  • you enjoy the water - pool, ocean, bath - again, after a period in which you screamed bloody murder anytime you were in the water, this is greatly appreciated and made our summer much more pleasant!  You splash and squeal.  Even the salt water didn't bother you. 
  • you love your brothers and sister, but aren't afraid to fight back if they annoy you:) 
  • you wear a size 4 diaper and 18mo clothes, although it depends on the fit
  • you love your dogs and don't mind getting up close and personal with them, letting them lick your hands, face etc.  You do mind mommy coming along behind this activity to disinfect you!
  • you have a ton of hair, have already had 2 haircuts the most recent was the day before you turned one - we cut off all of your curls but I'm certain we'll see them again soon!
  • you did experience some pretty intense separation anxiety from mommy, but now that you're moving, that seems to have passed - and not a moment too soon!
There is so much more to who you are now, but enough for now.  You are loved, and we are grateful for your life!


Momma C said...

Happy Birthday Big Boy!

Karen said...

Happy Birthday, RyRy! We love you!